Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Written Episode

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Pragya Asking The Guy Who Gave Them Lift To Drive Fast And Then Says Sorry. Prachi Tells Shahana That She Is Feeling Bad And Tells That Maa Didn’t Call Me And When I Am Calling Her, Her Phone Is Not Connecting. She Calls Sarita Behen And Says Maa, Didn’t Call Me. She Says She Is Worried And Feels Like Maa And Papa Are In Trouble. Sarita Behen Says They Must Be Fine. She Asks If Purab Chachu Didn’t Tell You? Prachi Says He Told, But She Is Still Feeling Bad. She Senses Sarita Behen Is Crying And Asks Why Is She Crying? She Gives Her Promise. Sarita Behen Abhi And Pragya’s Lives Are In Danger. The Guy Tells Pragya That Hospital Came And Brings Stretcher. Pragya Thanks Him. Pragya Calls The Doctor. Ward Boy Says They Are Attending Accident Patients. Pragya Takes The Stretcher Inside And Calls Purab From Someone’s Phone. She Tells Him That Abhi Got Shot And That They Are In City Hospital. Purab Stops The Car And Tells Pragya That He Couldn’t Hear What She Said, Tells That They Are In Jungle And Searching Them. Pragya Says They Are In City Hospital. Purab Hears Just City Hospital. Aaliya Gets Down And Asks What Happened? Purab Tells That He Could Hear That They Are In City Hospital. Inspector Tells Purab That He Will Meet Her In The City Hospital. Killer Comes And Makes Pragya Smell Chloroform . He Kidnaps And Takes Her From There.

Dadi Asks Sarita Behen To Call Prachi And Inform Her. Sarita Behen Informs Prachi That Pragya Had Called And Told That They Are In City Hospital. Shahana Tells That Cabs And Taxis Are Closed, Due To The Riots. Prachi Says She Will Come There Somehow. Sarita Behen Gives Call To Purab. Purab Asks Her To Go Home. Prachi Refuses. Purab Asks Aaliya To Call Driver Ram And Asks Him To Pick Them From Their House. Aaliya Calls Rhea And Asks Her To Ask Ram To Pick Shahana And Prachi From Home. Rhea Asks Why? Aaliya Says Your Dad Is In Hospital As Your Mom Was With Him. Rhea Says Whoever Wants To Come, Will Come By Their Own And Leaves For The Hospital. Ranbir Hears Her And Leaves From There. Purab Asks Aaliya Why Did She Call Rhea, When He Asked Her To Call Ram.

Pragya Gains Consciousness And Recalls Killer Kidnapping Her From Hospital. She Thinks Abhi Was On Stretcher, Don’t Know If Someone Admitted Him Or Not. She Shouts For Help. Doctor Asks Nurse About Today’s Schedule. Nurse Says You Have The Meeting To Attend In Lifeline Hospital. He Looks At Abhi Unattended And Asks Nurse To Admit Him Immediately. Just Then Accident Patient Comes There, And The Nurse Asks Ward Boy To Take Him Inside.

Rhea Drives Faster. Mitali Asks Her To Drive Slow And Says I Don’t Want To Die So Soon. She Instigates Her Against Pragya And Asks Her To Take Out Her Anger On Her. Rhea Asks Her To Close Her Eyes, If She Is Scared. Mitali Closes Her Eyes And Regrets To Come With Her. Rhea Gets Angry With Pragya.

Purab Comes To The City Hospital With Others And Asks Where Is Pragya Abhishek Mehra. Nurse Says There Are Many Accident Patients And Asks Him To Wait. Aaliya Asks Her To Check. Nurse Says There Is Nobody With Pragya Abhishek Mehra. Dadi Asks Her To Check With Pragya Arora. Purab Checks The Register. Nurse Says You Can’t Check Our Register And Asks Them To Go. She Threatens To Call The Security. Abhi Threatens To Call Commissioner. He Goes To Call The Owner Of The Hospital And Sees Abhi On The Stretcher Heavily Injured And Bleeding And Also Unattended. He Gets Shocked And Calls Doctor. Nurse Tells That No Attender Came With Him. Purab Asks Her Not To Say Excuses. Abhi Is Taken Inside. Pragya Is Running On The Road And Falls Down, Says There Is No Taxi Etc. Ranbir Comes There In Car And Stops. He Gives His Hand And Makes Her Get Up. He Says I Have Come To Take You. Purab Asks Doctor To See Abhi And Tells That He Will Drag Them To Court. He Then Says Sorry. Doctor Says He Is The Same Patient And Tells That He Has Bullet Injury. He Says He Has To Operate On Him And Takes Him To OT. Aaliya Asks Where Is Your Pragya Di, Who Left Bhai Unattended. Purab Says Pragya Di Is Not There, That Means She Is In Danger.

Pragya Tells Killer That She Will Not Tell Anyone. Killer Comes There And Says He Thought She Is Devi, And Has Saved Her Husband From Yamraj. He Says I Thought My Mom’s Story Is Right, But It Was Fake, You Are Not Devi. You Had Left Your Dead Husband In Jungle And Had Gone To Hospital To Get Yourself Treated. He Says My Boss Will Come Here And Will Tell You Why He Killed Your Husband. Pragya Thinks She Has To Leave From Here, Before His Boss Comes There, Else He Will Kill Her.

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