Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th March 2021 Written Episode Full Updates

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Vansh Scolding Ishani. Riddhima Asks Why Are You Surprised, That’s The Camera Which Was Connected To Vansh’s Mobile, He Was Watching Everything. Vansh Points The Gun At Ishani. He Says You Have Snatched My Everything. He Points The Gun At Ishani. He Says I Could Have Forgiven You If You Tried To Kill Me, You Tried To Kill My Baby And Riddhima, I Can’t Forgive You. Riddhima Stops Him. She Says We Can’t Do The Same, Else What Will Be The Difference. Ishani Says Wow, You Have So Much Love Between You, Why Are You Hiding From The Truth, Why Don’t You Tell Riddhima About Her Parents’ Death, Why Did You Lie About Kabir’s Dad’s Death And Made Her Quiet. Riddhima Asks What Fake Story.

Ishani Says Tell Her, That Riddhima’s Parents Had Died By The Car Which I Was Driving, Vansh Had Spent Four Years In Juvenile For The Sake Of My Love. Riddhima Looks At Vansh. Ishani Asks Riddhima What Will She Punish Vansh Now, He Had Cheated Her, He Lied To Her. Vansh Cries. Riddhima Looks At Vansh. She Says Ishani, Maybe This Makes Me Different From You, You Call It Cheat, Its A Big Sacrifice He Made For His Sister, Thanks For Telling Me, Today I Respect Vansh Even More. Vansh Says I M Sorry Riddhima, Forgive Me, How Shall I Apologize To You. Riddhima Says Its Fine, I M Proud Of You. She Hugs Him. He Says Ishani, I M Leaving You Today Because Of Riddhima, Don’t Ever Call Me Your Brother Now.
Vansh And Riddhima Come To Their Room. There Is A Timer Bomb Fixed. He Apologizes. She Says I Got To Know That You Went To Juvenile For Ishani’s Sake, I Love And Respect You A Lot, Few People Take Other’s Blame On Themselves, You Are One Among Them, Shall I Tell Something, Our Baby Is Safe. She Smiles And Says Our Baby Is Alive. Vansh Happily Cries And Asks What…. She Says Sorry, I Had To Lie To You, But This All Happened, I Couldn’t Tell You. He Says Say Again. She Says You Are Going To Become A Papa. He Hugs Her. They Happily Cry. He Thanks Her.

Anupriya Says Riddhima And Vansh Are In The Room. They Will Die Together. Vansh Says I Know I Didn’t Talk To You Well, I Felt The Feeling Of Fatherhood For The First Time, I Wanted To Tell You The Happy Thing But… She Says We Are Together Now. He Says You Will Always Find Me With You. She Says I Want To Make Beautiful Memories With You. He Says Not A Bad Idea, Sure, We Will Make Memories Right Away, Wait For Some Time. Anupriya Says Just 1 Min Left Now. Vansh Gets A Trophy And Shows The Sash. He Shows Dad To Be, Mom To Be. He Says I Was Very Happy Yesterday. She Says You Are Happy. He Says See, Its Fitting You. He Says Now We Look A Complete Family, We Will Click A Pic. He Asks Her To Pose. He Lifts Her In Arms And Counts Down. Anupriya Shuts Her Ears. The Bomb Blasts. She Hears The Explosion And Smiles. She Says Yes, Mission Is Complete Now. Dadi And Everyone Come To Vansh’s Room. They Ask What Happened. Anupriya Thinks They Will Be Dead. Vansh And Riddhima Come Out Of The Room. Anupriya Thinks How Did They Get Saved.
Kabir Asks What Was The Sound. Vansh Recalls Hearing The Beep Sound. They Go To Check. Vansh Gets Shocked Seeing The Bomb Fixed Under The Bed. Riddhima Shouts Leave It. He Asks Her To Move Away. He Goes With The Bomb To Throw It. She Shouts Vansh. He Comes To Her And Hugs. He Says We Are Safe. FB Ends. Vansh Says Geyser Blasted Because Of Overheating. Dadi Says Its Good, Nothing Happened To You Two. Riddhima Says Its Good That No One Was In The Bathroom. Vansh And Riddhima Think If Ishani Or Kabir Did This. She Says Ishani Can’t Harm Her Brother. He Says Kabir Can’t Plot This, I Have A Big Plan, Just Wait For Some Time, I M Going To Play A Big Game And Then Everything Will Be Fine. She Says Then Next 72 Hours Will Be Challenging For Us, Our Life Will Get A New Start. Kabir Says Trust Me, Chang, I Got Something Precious Than Diamonds, I Will Send My Trusted Aide, You Be Ready, You Will Get The Diamonds Back. He Recalls Vansh’s Words. Aryan Comes. Kabir Says Its Time You Do Something And Come Out Of Vansh’s Shadow, I Want You To Help Me In A Big Theft In VR Mansion. Aryan Asks What. Kabir Says Vansh Has A Precious Ruby, Its Value Is 25000 Crore, Just Think Of It, 10000 Crore Will Be Yours. Aryan Says Tell Me What To Do. Kabir Says You Go To Chang And Get My Parcel, Then I Will Explain You The Plan. Kabir Says I Will Get The Ruby, I Will Spend Life With My Love, Riddhima.

Vansh Gets Riddhima To Show The Surprise. She Smiles Seeing The Decorations. She Says This Is So Beautiful. She Asks But Why. He Says I Want To Spend A Night With My Wife And Baby, I Want To Give You Much Happiness To Make You Forget The Past Problems. She Kisses Him And Says When You Are In Front Of My Eyes, I Don’t Remember Any Pain, Its Just Happiness. They Smile.

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