Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th February 2021 Written Episode

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Riddhima Asking Who Are You. The Person Runs. She Follows. She Falls Aside And Says I Got Saved, Thanks Bappa. She Shouts Stop… The Person Leaves From The House. She Sees The Foot Marks. She Says I Won’t Get A Better Chance To Catch Him. Vansh Says My Reputation Is Imp Than Your Diamonds, Don’t Dare To Spoil It, You Won’t Get Those Diamonds. Chang Says Stop Threatening Me, I Have Already Got The Diamonds, I Will Have The Deals With Him, Our Partnership Is Over. Vansh Asks Who Is He. Chang Says That’s None Of Your Business, Don’t Think I Will Forget The Cheat, I Will Make You Pay For It, I Want Every Penny Back, Will You Sell VR Mansion, Your House Or Your Beautiful Wife. Vansh Gets Angry. He Scolds Chang. Chang Laughs.

He Says I M Not Scared VR, I Have Nothing To Lose, You Have A Lot To Lose. He Ends Call. Vansh Says Its A Big Conspiracy, Rudra Is Dead, Chang Got The Diamonds, Who Is That Person, I Have To Find That Person And Unmask That Cowardly Enemy.

Riddhima Looks For The Person. She Says I Have To Take This Risk For My Baby’s Sake, That Person Killed Rudra. She Takes A Brick In Hand And Looks Around. She Sees The Person Running Upstairs. She Also Goes There. She Says I Know You Want To Kill Me And My Baby, Come Out And Strike, I Will Know You Soon. She Goes Ahead To See.

Vansh Comes To The Room And Calls Out Riddhima. He Looks For Her. He Says Where Can She Go, She Isn’t Here, Is She In Any Problem. He Recalls Chang’s Words And Calls Out Siya. Siya Asks What Happened. He Asks Did You See Riddhima. She Says No, I Have No Idea About Her. He Thinks Where Shall I Find Her Now. Riddhima Says Come Out And Strike, You Are A Coward, Come Out. She Gets A Call. The Lady Asks Her To Reach At 10am, They Have Fixed The Appointment For Abortion. Riddhima Asks What, You Are Called A Wrong Person. The Lady Says Mrs. Riddhima Rai Singhania, I Had To Inform You, Come On Time. She Turns And Screams. She Falls Down. She Hangs There And Shouts For Help.

Vansh Says Why Is Her Phone Off, Where Can She Go, Where Shall I Find Her. Riddhima Cries Thinking Of Her Baby. She Asks Someone To Help Her. Vansh Looks For Her And Drives Somewhere. He Says I Have Found Her In Some Trouble When She Went Missing, Where Shall I Find Her. Her Dupatta Flies Off And Falls Over Vansh’s Car. Vansh Stops The Car And Checks It. He Says Its Riddhima’s Dupatta, It Means She Is Nearby. Riddhima Cries And Shouts For Help.

She Falls Down. Kabir Comes There And Catches Her In Arms. He Thinks Finally, You Have Come In My Arms. Riddhima Opens Eyes And Sees Him. He Puts Her Down And Asks Are You Okay. She Cries And Thinks Sorry Baby, I Risked Your Life Today. She Thanks Him. He Says I Had To Come, I Had To Save You And Your Baby Also, I Worry For The Baby, Vansh Is With You, You Can Trust Me If You Need Help, I Will Always Be There, Don’t Take It In Wrong Sense, Vansh Is Busy In His Business, He Has Doubts About The Baby, You Fall Alone Sometimes, I M Saying It As A Friend, I Want To Support You. She Says You Saved My Life, I M Really Very Thankful, You Shouldn’t Worry For Me, Vansh Is Always With Me As My Courage, I Don’t Need Anyone’s Support, What Were You Doing Here, You Won’t Get A Dream That I M In Danger, Answer Me. He Says I Can Ask The Same, How Did You Reach Here In This State, I Can Drop You Safely Home, Come. She Says No Need. She Goes. Vansh Sees Her And Stops The Car. He Hugs Her. He Asks What Are You Doing Here, Thank God I Got Your Dupatta And Came Here. She Says We Shall Go Home. He Gives Her Dupatta. She Says Thanks. They Get Inside The Car. He Asks What Happened, Tell Me. She Recalls Seeing Some Person And Thinks I Have To Tell Everything To Vansh, Maybe He Can Solve This.

She Recalls Vansh’s Words. She Thinks No, I Can’t Tell Him, Maybe That Was A Prank Call. He Asks What. She Says Nothing, We Shall Go Home. They Leave. Kabir Looks On And Thinks Your Unbreakable Bond Will Get A Crack From Now. Vansh Brings Riddhima Home. He Says You Will Inform Me Before Stepping Out, Okay. She Nods. She Thinks Who Is That Red Gloves Person, Who Got After My Baby. Siya And Anupriya Collide. Siya Says Sorry Vansh, The Flowers Fell Down. Vansh Says Its Okay. Riddhima Sees The Bracelet. Anupriya Thinks Riddhima Will Identify It. Riddhima Goes To Pick It. Anupriya Picks It And Says Its Mine. She Goes. Riddhima Says Vansh, I Will Just Come. He Asks Is Everything Fine. She Says Yes, I Feel Weak, I Will Go To Kitchen And Have Some Food. Anupriya’s Wig Falls Down. Riddhima Looks On Shocked. She Asks Her To Stop.

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