Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Vansh Saying I Know, The Rifle Got Stolen. Dadi Says You Knew It, You Also Know Who Did It. He Says Yes. She Asks Who Is It. He Tells Everything. Aryan Says Its Good That Vansh Got To Know It Himself. Vansh Recalls Siya’s Words. He Says I Don’t Think Riddhima Has Stolen It. Dadi Says Enough, I Told You That Our Pride Is Very Imp, Even If Riddhima Did This, She Has No Right To Live, Kill Her. Vansh Says We Didn’t Do Injustice With Anyone, We Can’t Punish Anyone, This Will Be Justice. She Says Fine, Thief Should Be Caught, Her Punishment Is One, Death. Vansh Goes. Dadi Says If Vansh Gets Late In Shooting Riddhima, Then You Shoot Her, If Vansh Comes In Between, Then Kill Shoot Both Of Them. Aryan Says Fine. Riddhima Gets A Call About Cake Delivery. He Says I Didn’t Order. She Sees Aryan Taking The Cake. She Asks Who Has Made The Order. Ishani Says Bye Bye Riddhima, It Means She Is Going. Aryan Says Yes. They Cut The Cake And Have It. Riddhima Looks On. Anupriya Says Vansh Is Our Blood, You Didn’t Say Right.
Dadi Says We Have To Protect Our Pride, One Girl Can’t Ruin The Entire Empire, We Have To Cut The Damaged Part Than Removing The Entire Tree. Anupriya Says Riddhima’s Womb Has Our Family Future Also. Dadi Says Vansh Has To Decide, If He Will Survive Or His Baby, But Riddhima Has To Go. Riddhima Comes From Bath. Vansh Blindfolds Her. She Asks Who. He Says Its Me, I Have To Ask Something, Blindfold Will Stay The Same. She Asks How Will I Wear My Clothes Now. He Says Leave That To Me. He Loosens Her Hair. He Helps Her. They Have A Talk. She Says She Wanted To Interrogation, I Didn’t Steal The Diamonds Or The Sniper Rifle. He Asks Her To Relax. He Says You Can’t Lie After Wearing This. He Opens The Blindfold. He Says Its The Same Red Dress, You Had Worn In The Jungle. She Says You Gifted This To Me, I Had Seen This On The Bed When You Kept It For Me, Ask Anything Else. He Asks Why Are You Playing This Game. She Says You Are Asking Me About It, Nice.
He Says Don’t Lie, You Have Stolen The Rifle, I Have Seen You Giving It To Vyom. She Asks What, Leave Me, You Are Blaming Your Wife. He Says I Don’t Want To Hear Stories, Tell Me The Truth, Why Did You Go To Vyom. She Says I Didn’t Go, I Went To Practice Violin. He Shows Some Recorder And Says You Are A Big Fool. He Points Gun At Her. She Says You Are Doing A Big Mistake. He Says I Made A Mistake When I Left You Alone, Why Are You Doing This. She Says I M Not Doing This. He Gets A Call. He Hears Riddhima’s Voice. He Asks Him To Come And Save Her, Don’t Say Anyone. He Leaves. She Smiles. He Asks Where Are You, Riddhima, Tell Me Your Location. Angre Tries To Track The Call. Vansh Asks Riddhima To Look Around, Say Any Landmark. The Call Disconnects. Angre Says Sorry Boss, We Lost The Track. Vansh Says That Girl Here Is An Imposter, She Isn’t Riddhima, I M An Idiot To Trust Her. Angre Says Its Not Your Mistake. Vansh Says I Have To Find Out Riddhima. Angre Says Just That Imposter Can Answer, I Will Try To Know About The Call. He Says Who The Hell Will Kidnap My Riddhima, Vyom. He Says Find Out About Vyom, Keep An Eye On Fake Riddhima.
Aryan Comes To Vansh And Asks Are You Hearing This Alarm. Vansh Says I M In A Hurry. Aryan Says You Have To Punish That Thief, I Need An Answer. Vansh Slaps Him. He Says You Forget Your Limits Sometimes. Aryan Says I Will Not Leave Both Of You. Vansh Goes To His Room And Gets His Gun. Riddhima Makes Some Coffee Fall Over Him. Riddhima Says So Sorry, I Will Get A Shirt For You. She Tries To Stop Him And Asks Him Won’t He Continue His Questions. He Says Listen, I Need To Go. She Asks Am I The Question, Am I The Answer As Well. She Helps Him Change His Shirt, Whose Call Did You Get That You Got Worried. He Says Yours. She Says Don’t Talk In Puzzles, I Don’t Understand Anything, Don’t You Think We Should Sit And Talk. He Says We Will Talk Openly, But Its Imp For Me To Go Now. She Says I Won’t Let You Go Now, Tell Me, Where Will You Go. He Asks Did You Worry Now Itself, Don’t Worry, You Will Get Many More Chances To Worry. He Loads The Gun And Leaves.
She Shuts The Door And Calls Vyom. She Says Vansh Left In Anger, He Is Coming To You, Go Away. He Says He Is Most Welcome. She Says He Doubts Us. He Asks How Can You Say That He Is Coming As An Enemy. She Says Hide Somewhere, You Shouldn’t Face Him. He Says Thanks, Tell Me, Why Are You So Worried, For My Protection, Or For The Fact That Your Death Warrant Is Issued. She Asks How Do You Know. He Says My Name Is Vyom, I Keep My Eyes And Ears At VR Mansion, You Complete Your Deal. She Says Vansh Won’t Leave Me. He Says Its Risky, We Can’t Do Anything, Think Of Your Safety, Let Me Think About Welcoming My Friend. Chanchal Hears Her And Smiles.

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