Ishk Par Zor Nahi 23rd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Savitri Leaving. Dadi Looks On. Ishqi Sees Savitri And Leaves. Savitri Cries In The Mental Asylum. Dadi Asks The Doctor To Not Let Savitri Escape Again. Doctor Apologizes. She Asks Him To Give Medicines To Savitri To Not Make Her Recover. She Says Bird Can’t Go Out By Her Wish, Someone Has Helped Her, Keep An Eye On Her, If Anyone Comes, Then Inform Me.
Kartik Jokes That Ishqi Effect Is Affecting Him A Lot. Ahaan Asks What Shall I Do. His Helper Says Anger Is First Step Of Love. Ahaan Says Don’t Know How Sarla Hired That Girl, I Can’t Say Anything Now. He Gets Mayank’s Call And Goes. Ishqi Says I Have Done All The Work. She Calls Mayank. Ahaan Takes The Call. She Says Sorry, I Was Stuck At An Irritating Man’s House.
She Asks Mayank To Say Something. Ahaan Says Let Me Say, I M Not Mayank. She Asks Who Are You, Where Is Mayank. He Says I M His Best Friend, I M At Hospital. She Asks Is Mayank Fine. He Says Yes, Uncle Got A Heart Attack When They Landed From The US, Don’t Take Stress. She Gets Stressed. She Gets Hiccups. He Asks Are You Okay. She Says Sorry, I M Getting Hiccups. He Asks Her Not To Talk And Wait. She Says My Hiccups Don’t Go Like This, It Goes When She Hears A Song, Her Phone Data Is Over, Just His Song Can Save Her Life. Ahaan Says I Will Try. She Thanks Him. He Sings Dhoom Again… She Says Hindi. He Sings Jhalak Dikhla Hai….. He Sings Really Bad. She Says No One Will Come Hearing Such A Song. Her Hiccups Stop. She Says You Saved My Life, Else People Are Like That Arrogant Guy, Thanks, Be With Mayank.
Mayank Says I Will Handle The Work From Now, You Will Just Rest. Ahaan And Mayank Cheer Up Mayank’s Call. Ahaan Says Your Wife To Be Called, She Talks A Lot, She Is Coming. Mayank Says She Talks Sweetly, Finally, You Will Be Meeting Her Today. Maasi And Maasa Come To See Mayank’s Dad. Mayank Introduces Ahaan To Ishqi’s Maasa And Maasi. Mayank’s Mum Says We Want To Keep The Marriage Soon. Maasa Says She Is Your Girl, You Can Take Her Next Year Or Next Month. He Thinks Its Good To Get Rid Of Her. Ahaan Says I M Happy For You, Take Care Of Uncle, I Will Handle It.
Raj Talks To Sonu And Cheers Her. He Asks What Happened. Sonu Says Ahaan Had Kept Mum’s Barsi Puja, He Is The Best Brother, He Loves Me A Lot, I Can’t Even Talk To Him About Mum. Raj Says Talk To Me. She Says Thanks, I Love You. He Says I Love You Too. Ahaan Is In The Market. Sonu And Kartik Call Him And Ask Him Where Is He. Ahaan Says I M Busy, Its Roka Today. Kartik Asks What, How Can You Cheat Us. Sonu Asks How Can You Not Tell Us. They Argue. Kartik Says Focus On Ahaan. They Act To Cry. Ahaan Says Stop The Drama. The Chunri Falls Over Ishqi. Kartik And Sonu See Ishqi On The Video Call. They Say Car Thief, Same Girl, Again.
Ahaan Says You Have Collided With Me Again. Ishqi Argues. They Pick Their Things. She Asks Will You Take My Glosses With Me. He Says I M Not A Thief Like You. Pandit Comes And Blesses Their Jodi. Ishqi Says We Are Not Any Pairing. She Jokes On Ahaan’s Age. Ahaan Asks What Do You Want To Do With My Age. Pandit Asks For Some Money. Ishqi Says Take Money From Him, He Is Very Rich. Sonu And Kartik Laugh. Sonu Says We Should Not Laugh. Kartik Says Its Funny. Ahaan Pays Money To The Pandit And Says Pray That Car Thief Doesn’t Come In Front Of Me. She Says Take This Chocolate, Pray That This Man Doesn’t Come In Front Of Me Again. Pandit Says You Both Argue Like Husband And Wife, You Both Will Look Good Together, You Have A Chunri As Well. Ahaan Asks Her To Return The Chunri. He Takes It. They Argue. He Hits His Foot On The Car. Ishqi Meets Mayank’s Dad. She Says Thank God You Are Fine. Mayank’s Dad Says We Don’t Want To Pressurize You, Don’t Know I Have Another Year Or Not, I Want To Keep Mayank And Your Marriage This Month.
Ishqi Sees Maasi. Maasi Nods. Ishqi Says Its My Yes, I M Ready For The Marriage. Everyone Smiles. Dadi Comes Home. Chachi Asks Whom Did You Meet. Dadi Says Sarla, She Had Sent Ishqi. Chachi Says I Called Sarla, She Said You Didn’t Come There. Dadi Says I Went To Take This Beer. Chachi Says You Like To Have It. Dadi Says I Went To Take This For You, You Aren’t My Saas. Helper Asks What Shall I Do Of This Pic. Dadi Says Throw It Outside, I Don’t Want Any Problem Again. Mayank Asks Are You Sure That You Are Ready For The Marriage. Ishqi Says I M Sure. Mayank Says My Best Friend Has Come, He Did My Roka Arrangements. Ahaan Comes Smiling. Mayank Introduces Ishqi To Ahaan. He Says Ahaan Is My Best Friend, Give The Chunri, Rasam Will Start. Ahaan Gives The Chunri. Ishqi Takes It. The Dupatta Gets Stuck In His Bracelet. She Thinks My Chunri Got Stuck In His Bracelet.
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