Inlet Manifold

Inlet Manifold:

Manifold is the area where more than one line gathered and merged into single line. Natural Gas lines from Wells 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 gathered at manifold and controlled with vales to make a single line. 2 and 4 are on same line. 4 lines merged and make train# 1, 2 which goes to the processing plant where different process are done on Natural Gas to refine it. The purpose of these pipelines is allow to set up of productions “well sets ” so for the given production level the best reservoir utilization(Well flow composition) can be selected from the selected wells.

Instruments at Manifold:

  1. Pressure Gauge.
  2. Temperature Gauge.
  3. Pressure Transmitter.


  1. Pressure Gauge:

Pressure gauge indicates the pressure of the natural gas before entering into process area. Four pressure gauges are installed at inlet manifold.

Sensor Type: Bourdon Type.

Manufacturer: Ashcroft.
Range: (0-2000)PSI

  1. Temperature Gauge:

Temperature gauge indicates the temperature of the natural gas before entering into process area. Temperature gauge installed just at well line No. 1.
Sensor Type: Bimetallic type.

Manufacturer: Ashcroft.
Range: (0-200)°F

  1. Pressure Transmitter:

Pressure transmitter transmits the signal to DCS. DCS gives the warning alarm by observing the transmitter current. The operating conditions are as following:

  • PAHH : 1000 PSIG
  • PAH  : 925 PSIG
  • PAL : 350 PSIG
  • PALL : 300 PSIG

Sensor type: Single crystal silicon resonant sensor (Capsule Type).
Output: 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured pressure.
Manufacturer: Yokogawa.
Tag no.  (PT-001), (PT-002), (PT-003), (PT-004).

Operating voltage: 24 V DC

These transmitter are Installed at all lines of the well.

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