Imlie 7th March 2021 Written Episode

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Adi Tells Malini That He Doesn’t Know What Is Happening With Them, An Accident With Her A Few Days Ago And Now This Accident. She Asks Him Not To Think Must And Rest. He Hears Dhruv Informing Pakaj That He Searched Imlie Everywhere And Didn’t Find Her And Pankaj Says Where Did This Girl Go With Her Bag. He Reminisces Imlie Rescuing Her From Goons And Then Running Away Says He Needs To Search Imlie. She Says Others Are Searching Her. He Says He Would Have Died If She Hadn’t Saved Him, He Knows Where She Must Have Gone. She Asks Where And She Will Also Accompany Him. He Says Bus Stand. He, Malini, And Dhruv Reach Bust Stand And Search Imlie Showing Her Pic To Everyone. Malini Gets More Tensed, Calls Dev And Informs That They Are At Bus Stand And She Is Not Yet Found, What If People Involved In Bridge Collapse Case Harm Her. He Asks Her Not To Worry As He Will Use All His Contacts To Find Imlie. She Asks Him To Call Her If He Finds Imlie’s Clue. He Agrees And Disconnects Call. Anu Says He Doesn’t Like Her Rich Friends, Then Why He Is Pleading Them To Find A Servant Imlie; Imlie Must Have Escaped As She Got Bored Of Household Work. Dev Says Imlie Will Never Do That As She Considers Tripathi Family As Her Family. Anu Says He Is Absolutely Right, Imlie Was Getting Very Closer To Adi And His Family And Good She Left, Its Better She Stays Away From Adi And Malini. He Says Shut Up, If She Can’t Help, She Shouldn’t Taunt. She Hopes Imlie Doesn’t Return In Her Daughter’s Life Again.

Adi And Malini Continue To Search Imlie. He Finds Her In A Bus And Gets On It, But She Hides Under Seat. He Walks To Her And Asks To Come Along. He Says She Doesn’t Want To Stay Wit Him. He Asks What Does She Mean. She Says Just Wanted A Promise From Him That He Will Not Stop Her When She Leaves Him, Then Why Did He Come. He Says He Never Asked Her To Leave Any Time. She Says He Wished It And Always Feared Their Truth Will Be Out Someday; If He Feels Only He Is Hurt And In Pain, Even She Is In Pain And Fears That She Will Speak Her Heart Out. He Says They Will Find Some Way, So She Should Return Home. She Says There Is No Use Of It, She Saved His Life And Cleared Her Debt By Doing What He Did To Her, Now Their Relationship Has Ended And He Can Go. He Pleads. She Says He Should Be Happy That He Is Getting Free From His Responsibility; He Always Wanted Her To Go Away From His Life, Then Why Did She Come Here. Passengers Ask Conductor To Check What Is Happening. Adi Reminisces Anu’s Bitter Words And His Words That He Wants Her To Study Well, Get Independent, And Marry Someone Else And Leaves Her Bag. Bag Falls Down. Imlie Acts As Picking It And Touches His Feet. He Walks Out Of Bus Looking At Her. Malini Walks To Him And Asks If He Found Imlie. He Says No. She Says Even She Didn’t Find Her, Where She Must Have Gone. He Sees Imlie’s Bus Going And Thinks Imlie Was Right That Why He Was Trying To Stop Her, He Should Be Happy To Free Himself, Then Why He Is Not Happy.
Adi Drives Car Towards Home Reminiscing Imlie’s Word. Malini Says Where She Must Have Gone, Dhruv And Nishant Are Searching Her And Hope They Find Her. She Sees Adi Engrasped In Thoughts And Asks If He Fine. He Nods Yes. She Says She Will Call Papa. Adi Continuing To Remember Imlie’s Words Doesn’t Notice A Speed Bus In Opposite Direction. Malini Diverts Steering On Time And Escapes Accident, Asks If He Is Fine And Takes Driver’s Seat.

At Home, Aparna Asks Sundar To Check Imlie’s Room And Asks If She Left Something, If He Knows About Her, Etc. He Says No. Tauji Hopes She Doesn’t Get Into Trouble. Aparna Says She Must Have Gone On A Mission In Pagdandiya Style And Will Return Soon. Sundar Says She Has Left With All Her Belongings And Will Not Return. Adi With Malini Returns. Aparna Asks Adi To Call Imlie’s Mother. Malini Asks What Will They Tell Imlie’s Mother, They Can’t Say That Their Daughter Is Missing. Adi Thinks How To Tell Them That Imlie Has Gone Back, Why He Is Feeling Bad When He Wanted Her To Go.
Imlie Looks At Her Sindhoor Bottle And Thinks She Will Not Return To Him And Will Remember Him Staying Away From Him. She Applies Sindhoor On Her Forehead Reminiscing Marrying Him And Holds Mangalsutra. Conductor Walks To Her, And She Asks Him Pagdandiya Ticket. He Asks 150 Rs. She Says Its 50 Rs. He Says Its Not A Cheap Bus Where She Comes On Its Roof, She Should Give Money Or Else Get Down. She Says She Doesn’t Have Money. He Asks To Give Her Mangalsutra Then. She Asks How Can He Ask Mangalsutra From A Married Woman. He Insists To Give Mangalsutra. She Gets Angry. Driver Stops Bus And Says It Broke Down. Imlie Thinks She Hasn’t Left Delhi Yet And Family May Find Her Again.

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