Hamari Wali Good News 9th March 2021 Written Episode Full Update

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Adi Looking For Something In Mukund’s Room. He Gets Gautam’s Call. He Goes Out To Meet Him. He Says Once Renuka Comes Home, I Will Play My Move, Dad Can’t Do Anything. Gautam Says Be Careful, Renuka And Navya Had Major Surgery. Adi Says Just Wait And Watch. Its Morning, Renuka And Navya Come Home. They Do Aarti. Renuka Prays. She Says Our Promise Is Also Like Devki And Yashoda, If This Baby And I M Alive Today, Then Its Because Of You. Navya Holds Her Hand. Renuka Says I Will Give This Baby To You After The Birth.
Mukund Worries. Navya Says There Is No Need To Take Any Oath Or Legal Action, We Can Have Rights On The Baby. Mukund Recalls Adi’s Words. Renuka Hugs Navya. Adi Asks Renuka To Come And See The Surprise. Renuka Gets Happy Seeing Adi’s Surprise. Renuka Asks Did The Kids Do This. Yash Says Adi Did This, We Helped Him. Mukund Comes And Looks On. Adi Says The Past Few Days Were Very Tough For Us. Renuka Says I Knew That You Will Come On The Right Path. Adi Apologizes. He Says Sorry, Your Surgery Changed Me. Mukund Recalls Doctor’s Words And Gets Silent. He Is Angry On Adi’s Drama. Adi Apologizes To Him.
He Says Just You Can Keep Mum Happy, Don’t Worry, I Will Take Care Of Shop And Everything. Alok And Preeti Look On. Adi Says I Need 10 Lakhs For Running The Shop, I Really Want To Run It. Renuka Says He Is Saying Right. Navya Says Renuka Needs Mukund At This Time. Renuka Asks Mukund To Give 10 Lakhs To Adi. Mukund Nods. He Signs The Cheque And Gives It To Adi. Adi And Navya Go. Mukund Sees The Baby’s Pic Burning In His Dream. He Wakes Up. He Goes Out To Adi And Sees Him Drinking. He Sits And Says Alcohol Bottle Looks Costly, Maybe You Encashed The Cheque. Adi Says No, I Took It On Loan. Mukund Says I Called The Bank And Stopped The Issue, The Cheque Won’t Help You, I M Your Dad, You Can Blackmail Me, Not Do Anything Else. Adi Says I M Your Son, You Will Be In Trouble. Mukund Sees Renuka And Hugs Adi. He Says Renuka Has Come, I Don’t Want To Hurt Her Heart. Adi Sees Navya And Hugs Mukund. He Says I M Proud That You Are A Good Player, Come We Will Have A Drink.
Renuka Says They Are Being Too Much, I Don’t Feel Happy, I Feel Mukund Is Worried. Navya Asks Her Not To Worry. Its Morning, Adi Says Mukund Thinks I Will Lose, No, I Will Give Him An Answer. He Recalls Tearing The Cheque. He Wakes Up Navya. She Asks Where Are You Going. He Says I M Going To Encash The Cheque To Run The Shop. She Says Thanks, I See My Old Adi Again, Whom I Love And Will Always Love, We Will Handle Everything. He Says Yes, I Have To Go Now, Take Rest. Mukund Takes Care Of Renuka. Ashraf Gets The Items. He Says Adi Got All These Items To Run The Shop. The Man Asks Mukund To Make The Payment, The Products Are On Cash On Delivery. Mukund Says Adi Will Pay For It. Renuka Says He Ordered It For The Shop. Mukund Asks Her To Come And Take Rest. The Man Asks For Payment. Adi Comes Home. Mukund Says Adi Has Come.
Renuka Asks Adi To Make Payment For The Order. Adi Says I Went To Bank To Get Cash, But Dad Called The Bank To Stop The Payment, Maybe There Is Any Reason, Dad Will Make Payment Now, Right. He Smiles. Mukund Makes The Payment. Navya Asks Renuka Not To Ask Mukund In Front Of Everyone. Renuka Asks Why Did He Do This. Yash Makes The Bin Fall Down. Renuka Gets The Torn Cheque In The Bin. She Says Its The Same Cheque, Which Mukund Gave It To Adi, Its Thrown Here In The Bin, How Will Mukund Stop This Cheque, Adi Didn’t Go To The Bank, What’s Happening Between Them.

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