Hamari Wali Good News 6th March 2021 Written Episode

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Renuka Saying I Swear To Give My Child To Adi And Navya. Adi And Navya Get Shocked. Renuka Says You Have To Swear That You Will Raise The Child As Your Own. Mukund Talks To The Doctor. He Gets Shocked And Cries. Doctor Says Renuka Said She Will Tell Everything To You, Come And Talk To Me. Navya Says I Can’t Be So Selfish, I Don’t Accept This Decision. She Cries. Renuka Says Mukund And My Relation Isn’t So Weak. Mukund Sits Crying. Renuka Says We Have Faced Many Storms And Reached Here. She Cries. Alok And Preeti Look On. Mukund Comes There. Renuka Gets Glad. She Asks Him To Sit In The Puja. He Throws The Plate. Adi Worries. Mukund Asks What Baby Are You Talking About, You Will Go Away From Me When The Baby Comes, The Baby Will Get Sorrowful Darkness In This House. Everyone Gets Shocked. Mukund Says No Baby Will Come In Our Life.
He Shows The Reports. He Asks What’s All This, I Won’t Let You Do This. He Reminds Her The Marriage Vows. He Says You Wanted To Leave Me Alone And Go Away, You Are Risking Your Life To Give Me Happiness, Ask Yourself, If You Will Be Giving Me Happiness Or Sorrow. Preeti Checks The Reports. The Kids Talk About The Coming Baby. Renuka Cries And Says I Will Explain. Mukund Says You Won’t Explain Me Now.
Navya Hugs The Baby’s Pic And Cries. Adi Comes To Console Her. He Asks Her To Be Strong. Navya Asks How Can Renuka Do This, She Is Risking Her Life. He Says I M Worried, You Aren’t Stopping Your Cry, Don’t Know What Will Happen Now. Navya Goes To Renuka. She Says You Forgot Our Relation, You Didn’t Ask Me Before Taking This Big Decision, What Do You Want, Tell Me, You Didn’t Think For Us, Nothing Is Imp To Us Than You.

Alok Says Navya Is On Adi’s Side. Mukund Meets The Doctor. Doctor Says Renuka’s Kidneys Are Weak, Complication Isn’t In The Pregnancy, But In Her Body, Baby Can Have Preterm Birth, If You Want To Save Your Wife’s Life, Then You Have To Get The Kidney Transplant And Also An Abortion, There Is No Guarantee That She Will Be Saved, You Have Less Time, Take Decision Fast, Else You Will Lose Your Wife. He Cries.
Navya Asks Renuka To Say. Renuka Says Forgive Me, I Didn’t Wish To Lose Mukund’s Love Sign. Navya Hugs Renuka And Says I Can’t Live Without You, You Took A Big Decision, Mukund Will Die Without You. They Cry. Kise Puchun….Plays… Mukund Visits Many Hospitals To Find A Solution. He Gets Tired And Sits Somewhere Thinking Of Renuka. Renuka Prays. Mukund Meets A Doctor. Doctor Says I Have Told You, There Is Just One Way To Save Your Wife.
Its Morning, Alok Works Out. Preeti Says I Told You The Baby Isn’t Good For Renuka, Mukund Didn’t Come Home. Alok Says Its Good, When Baby Won’t Be There, Then What Will Mukund Do Of The Property, He Won’t Give Anything To Adi, He Will Give Everything To Me, I Will Become A Good Son-In-Law For Him, We Will Get All The Money. Adi Hears This And Shouts. He Says I Won’t Let Your Dream Get Fulfilled, I Will Kill You. Alok Pushes Him. He Asks Preeti To Get A Glass Of Cold Juice For Adi, He Is Hot Tempered. He Says I M Elder To You In Age And Experience, Don’t Worry. Mukund Is There To Take Care Of Renuka. Adi Attacks Him.
He Says Nobody Can Save You Today. Alok Fights Him. Navya And Preeti Come. Renuka Says Stop It. Adi Says I Will Kill Him, He Started Dancing On My Head. Alok Says I Told Him That Mukund Is Worried That He Named Everything To The Baby, What Will He Do When The Baby Isn’t There. Mukund Comes Home. He Says You Were Talking About The Will. Renuka Says Don’t Think So. Mukund Says I Will Change The Will, I Will Give All The Money To You All, Just Save Renuka’s Life. He Says Renuka Has To Undergo Kidney Transplant, She Needs A Kidney, My Blood Group Isn’t Matching With Her Blood Group, Else I Would Have Not Begged To You, I Don’t Have Time To Wait For Donor, Please Save Her, I M Ready To Give Away All The Money, I Beg You, Save My Renu. Everyone Worries.
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