Hamari Wali Good News 23rd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Alok Saying Your Project Is Finished. Akki Says I Got Ruined, What Will I Do Now. Adi Gets Shocked. He Imagines Everyone Accusing Him. Akki Asks Adi To Do Something, Why Is He Silent. Adi Says Don’t Worry, You Trusted Me And Invested In The Project, You Are My Responsibility, I Will Not Let It Get Ruined, I Will Go And See Who Is Shashikant Pandey. Alok Says He Is A Dangerous Man, Not Any Small Goon. Adi Says I M Not Scared, I Just Want My Land Back. Mukund Gets Concerned, But Stops. He Thinks How To Stop Renuka From Running In This State. Renuka Says I Will Come With You, We Will Sort The Matter. She Goes With Him. Navya Asks Why Didn’t You Stop Renuka.
Mukund Says I M Worried Seeing Them, Renuka Is Mad After Them, Renuka Doesn’t Worry For The Baby, I Also Have Work, I M Also Going Out. He Goes And Thinks How Shall I Explain Navya That I Can’t Support Renuka. Adi And Renuka Come To See The Land Plot. The Man Argues With Adi And Asks Him To Go. Adi Says Its My Land, You Have To Go. Renuka Says Let Me Meet Pandey Ji Once, We Have The Land Papers. Adi Pushes The Man. The Goons Beat Up Adi. Renuka Gets Worried. She Asks The Goons To Face Her, Leave Her Son. She Screams. She Says Let Me Meet Pandey Ji Once, We Have Land Papers, There Is No Meaning To Fight. Sumitra Gets The Flowers. She Says I Will Make Garlands For Renuka’s Godh Bharai. Navya Looks On And Prays For Renuka’s Safety. Akki Comes To Disturb Preeti. She Asks Her To Make A Strong Coffee For Her. She Keeps Her Feet On The Flowers. Sumitra Jokes On Akki.
Akki Says You Won’t Understand The Big Gains In The Small Loss. Sumitra Says These Garlands Are For Godh Bharai. Akki Doesn’t Understand And Thinks To Find Out. Mukund Also Comes To Meet Shashikant. He Says Alok Went Inside Just Now. Guard Asks Him To Leave. Mukund Calls Preeti. He Asks Where Is Alok. Preeti Says He Is In The Bathroom. Mukund Asks What. A Man Meets Him And Says You Call On This Number If You Want To Solve The Land Matter, You Have To Pay A Price For It. He Goes. Renuka And Adi Come Home. Renuka Says You Are Worrying For Me, As If You Don’t Worry For Adi. She Feels Sorry. Akki Sees Adi Hurt And Does A Drama. She Says You Didn’t Use Your Mind And Went To Fight The Goons. Akki Calls Her Dad And Takes His Help. She Says Dad Has Agreed To Give Me Money, He Is Disappointed, He Said Its My Last Chance, I M Doing This For You. Adi Hugs Her. Renuka Sees Mukund. He Asks Are You Fine. She Says Yes. Akki Thinks I Have To Be In Renuka’s Good Books To Keep Adi In Control. She Apologizes To Renuka. She Says I Want To Do Something For You. Renuka Thinks To Find Out What Is Akki Planning. Adi Asks Akki To Take Rest. He Goes.
Renuka Sees Akki. Akki Vents Out Her Anger On The Punching Bag. She Says I Have To Come In Renuka’s Good Books. She Scolds The Girl On Call And Asks Her Not To Laugh. She Goes. Renuka Takes Akki’s Phone And Says I Will Talk To Her Dad. She Gets Wrong Number. She Says Why Did She Lie, I Will Talk To Mukund. She Goes To Mukund. They Go Inside The Bathroom To Talk Secretly. He Asks How Are You. She Says Fine. Yash Plays There And Locks The Bathroom. Mukund Asks Renuka To Take Care. She Complains About Akki. They Have A Talk. Adi And Akki Come Home. Renuka Says Something Is Wrong, Akki Is Cheating Us. Mukund Says Adi Isn’t Using His Mind, You Are His Mum, You Think He Is Right. Akki Asks Preeti To Serve Food For Them. Mukund Assures Renuka That He Will Make Things Right. He Hugs Her. He Asks Why Isn’t This Door Not Opening. Adi And Yash Come There. Yash Says I Have To Go To Washroom First. Adi Says Fine, You Go First. They Open The Door. Mukund And Renuka Fool Yash And Leave. Navya Sees Them Talking. She Says Why Are They Together Like This, What Are They Up To.

Akki Asks Adi What Is His Mum Stealing From Her Bag. Renuka Says I Was Just Seeing The Stuff, Whether Its Fine. Adi Apologizes On Akki’s Behalf. Renuka Says A Mum Can Never Do Wrong With His Child Or With People Related. Akki Asks Why Did You Come Here. Renuka Says I Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Come To My Son’s Room. Renuka Says I Had Come To Give You A Head Massage. She Gets The Stinking Oil. She Troubles Akki. She Asks What Will You Do, You Sleep Somewhere Else For Some Days, Else You Will Get A Vomit. Akki Runs Out Of The Room. Akki Says I Have To Break Adi And His Mom’s Bond If I Have To Win. Navya Gets Milk For Mukund. She Says I Have Sent It For Renuka And Preeti. He Says I Don’t Want To Think About Renuka, She Is Foolish To Run After Adi. Navya Thinks Why Is He Acting In Front Of Me. Renuka Fools Akki And Asks Her To Sleep. Mukund Checks The Papers. He Says How Did Shashikant Grab The Land. The Man Calls Him And Says I Can Tell You The Land’s Truth. Mukund Asks Who Are You, What’s Your Benefit. The Man Laughs And Says I Will Take 2 Lakhs To Tell The Truth. Mukund Asks What’s The Guarantee That You Are Saying The Truth. The Man Says That Person Stays In Your House. Mukund Thinks Is He Saying About Adi. The Man Says Keep Money Ready, I Will Tell You When To Get It. Mukund Thinks Someone Is Watching Him. Sumitra Comes And Acts To Repent Her Deeds. She Says You Know I Had Contacts With Big People, I Was Thinking To Help You. He Says I Don’t Need Any Help. She Says I Really Want To Help. He Says Please Let It Be. He Goes. Papers Fall There. She Checks It.
Navya And Akki Are Doing The Function Arrangements. They Get Into An Argument. Adi Comes There. Akki Asks Adi To Scold Navya. Navya Shouts On Her. Akki Says I M Seeing You Are Coming In Between Adi And Me. Renuka Comes And Scolds Navya. She Says I Know You Don’t Like Akki, Its A Big Day For Me, Why Are You Angry. Mukund Comes To Defend Navya. They Argue. Navya Stops Them. Mukund Says The Baby Will Get Blessings Today, Its My Baby, Even Navya Has A Right On The Baby, She Will Attend The Function. Akki Asks Really, Read The Arrangement, Its Written That Its Adi’s Baby, This Agreement Was Signed When Navya Gave The Kidney To Renuka.
Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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