Hamari Wali Good News 19th February 2021 Written Episode

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Mukund Saying I M Not Upset With Adi, My Guilt Is Making Me Away From Him, I Didn’t Get Involved In Raising Him And Always Forced My Wishes On Him, He Is Upset With Me, He Thinks I Did Wrong With You, Its True, I Really Did Bad With You, I M So Unlucky, I Can’t Even Apologize To Him. She Encourages Him. She Says You Can Try Once For The Sake Of Adi, If You Can Forget Everything For Me, Then You Can Forget It For Your Son’s Sake Also, Make A New Start. He Says I Will Go To Adi And Hug Him, I Will Apologize To Him And Make A New Start, I Will End His Every Annoyance, I Know How. Its Morning, Mukund And Renuka Ask Yash And Yana How Did They Come In The Morning. Mukund Says Its A Surprise, I Will Tell You, You Have To Help Me. They All Get Ready. They Call Adi Downstairs. Renuka Says We Are Losing To Mukund, Come Fast.

Adi Goes To Play With Them. Adi Does The Batting And Scores Well. Mukund Says Well Played Adi, You Would Have Not Gone Away From Me If We Played Together, Life Is Also Like Cricket, I Want A Chance To Make A New Start, I M Sorry Adi, Please. Adi Cries. Renuka Says We Forgot Everything, You Also Forget. Mukund Says I M Finding A Friend In This Relation, Trust Me, I Promise I Will Not Break Your Trust. Navya Cries And Holds Adi. Adi Hugs Mukund. Renuka And Navya Smile. Adi Thinks How Did This Miracle Happen, Dad Will Give Me Money Now. Navya Thinks Don’t Know What’s Adi Thinking Now. Mukund And Renuka Spend Time Together. She Says I Will Go Out, What Will The Children Think. They Have A Moment. Jo Tere Sang Laagi…..Plays…. They Romance And Get Close.

She Asks Him To Let Her Go. He Says No. She Asks For His Kurta To Stitch. He Removes The Kurta And Gives Her. She Stitches The Kurta For Him. She Says Don’t Know What Happened To Him, He Is Behaving Like He Is Newly Married. She Smiles. Navya Says Tell The Truth To Dad, He Said He Regards You A Friend, He Trusts You, You Love Mum, You Tell It To Her At Least, If She Calls You A Thief, What Will You Do.

Adi Shouts On Her. She Insists Him To Talk To Renuka. Adi Goes To Renuka And Says Navya Insisted Me To Say This, I Lost My Job, I Didn’t Want To Tell You, Dad Got Money Now, Can You Ask Him To Give Me 25 Lakhs So That I Have My New Business. Mukund Wears A Shirt. He Gets Letters From Renuka’s Parents. He Recalls Sumitra Ill Treating Renuka. Renuka Says You Know Your Dad, He Is Very Sincere, He Doesn’t Want To Touch This Money. Adi Says Navya Explained Me That I Can Take Loan From Him. Navya Worries. Adi Says Dad Can Do Anything With The Money, I M In A Big Problem. He Cries And Hugs Renuka.

He Says I M Not Able To Do Anything When I M So Qualified And Talented. She Says You Are Right, Maybe Mukund Helps You, I Will Tell Him. Mukund Reads The Letter And Recalls His Rude Behavior Towards Renuka. He Says I Have Tortured You A Lot And Gave You Much Sorrow, I Didn’t Keep You Happy, I Stayed Away After We Got Children, I Doubted On You, I Broke All Relations With You On Sumitra’s Saying, You Never Complained, You Always Praised Me. Renuka Comes With The Kurta. He Says I Have Shattered Your Dreams. She Says When Eyes Are Talking, Then Why To Trouble The Tongue, You Don’t Need To Say Anything.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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