Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th February 2021 Written Episode

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Sai Asks Bhavani What Problem She Has If She Goes Out With Her Husband, She May Not Know As She Goes Out Only With Ninad, Its Not Wrong If A Wife Goes Out With Her Husband. Bhavani Yells To Behave With Her. Saloni And Omkar Also Yell As Usual. Virat Asks Sai Not To Cross Her Limits. Sai Says She Will Not Keep Quiet If Someone Misbehaves With Her Husband. Ninad Shouts Enough Of Drama, Now They All Have Decided Not To Stay With Sai Under Same Roof, So Virat Should Drop Sai In Hostel Or From Where He Brought Her. Virat Says He Married Sai And She Is ]His Responsibility. Saloni Says Sai Cannot Stay In This House. Virat Says If Its Their Decision, Then He Will Also Go Out With Sai. Ninad Says He Didn’t Ask Him To Go As He Is His Only Son. Virat Says Even Sai Is His Only DIL/Bahu. Bhavani Reminds That When She Asked Him To Leave Home With Sai, He Told He Is Born And Bought Up In This House And Hence Will Not Leave It. Virat Says He Doesn’t Want To, But Sai Is His Responsibility And Hence He Will Also Leave The House If Sai Is Sent Out. Pakhi Continues Her Same Track And Requests Bhavani Again To Let Her Go To Her Parent’s House As The Issue Is Stretching So Long. Mohit Says She Is Stretching The Issue Instead And If She Wants To Go To Her Parent’s House, She Can Go. Pakhi And Her Team Look At Him Angrily. Mohit Says Pakhi Will Not Let Anyone Control Her And She Can Go If She Wants, But She Is Just Repeating Her Track Since Long. Saloni Warns Him To Mind His Business. Bhavani Says One Who Doesn’t Have Any Job Will Interfere. Mohit Says He Doesn’t Have A Job Now, He Is Advocating Others While He Cannot Do Anything, He Wants To Become An Actor While He Doesn’t Know A Of Acting. Mohit Says He Is A Good Actor. Saloni Stops Him.

Pakhi Tries To Leave. Sai Stops Her. Pakhi Asks If She Is Ordering Her To Stop. Sai Says She Is Requesting. Pakhi Says She Doesn’t Know To Request But Speak Arrogantly. Sai Says She Is Not Speaking Arrogantly And Is Humbling Asking If Even She Wants Her To Leave The House. Pakhi Says Her Wish Doesn’t Matter As She Is Also A Bahu Of This House, So She Should Ask Elders. Sai Tells Elders That She Told Them Before That If Virat Orders Her To Leave The House, She Will; Now She Wants To Know If They Want Her To Go, Their Answer Will Be He Final Decision. Ashwini Asks Her To Stop As They May Ask Her To Go, She Is In This House Because Of Virat And Not Them. Sai Says She Came Here Due To The Situation And Since She Came Here, She Is Being Portrayed As The Most Bad Girl And Nobody Wants Her To Stay Here. Bhavani Yells She Is Responsible For All Their Problems. Sai Says She Will End Their Problems Once For All And Will Go From This House Permanently. Mohit Says This Is Her Husband’s House And She Doesn’t Have Anyone In Gadchiroli, Her One Wrong Decision Will Ruin Her Whole Life. Virat Thanks Him For Thinking About Sai And Says Sai Will Not Go Anywhere. He Holds Sai’s Hand And Walks In Front Of Family And Says Even If Family Wants, She Will Not Let Sai Go Anywhere. Ashwini Gets Happy Seeing That While Bhavani And Her Puppets Fume. Ashwini Takes Virt And Sai To Home Temple And Says Today Is Maha Shivratri When Shivji And Parvati Were Married, Women Fast For Their Husband’s Long Life And Men Promise To Protect Them, Even Virat Protected Sai Like Mahadev Protected Parvati And She Is Proud Of Him. Virat Says They Will Go To Temple. Ashwini Agrees. Virat Leaves With Sai.

After Sometime, Pakhi’s Mother Vaishali Visits Them. Bhavani Greets Her. Vaishali Gifts Her Sweets. Bhavani Asks If Shailesh Didn’t Come. Vaishali Says He Had Some Work. Bhavani Asks Her To Have God’s Darshan. Vaishali Prays And Requests Bhavani After Pooja If She Can Take Pakhi Home For 2-3 Days. Bhavani Says She Can Take Pakhi Anytime But Not Today. Saloni Enters And Seeing Vaishali Greets Her And Praises Pakhi That She Is An Obedient Bahu And Not Disobedient And Arguing Other Bahus. Karishma Says Even She Doesn’t Argue. Bhavani Says She Does A Lot More Than That And Yells At Her, Orders To Bring Tea And Snacks For Vaishali.

Virat Takes Sai To Temple And Says Temple Door A Bit Far Away, So They Need To Walk A Bit. She Agrees. He Apologizes Her For Showing Money Power On Her And Gives Her Money To Buy Pooja Items. Sai Says He Has Dissociative Identity Disorder In Which A Person Has Multiple Personalities Within, Virat Has 2 Persons Within Him, Virat 1 Is Angry And Stubborn And Virat 2 Is Caring, Understanding And Apologizes After Making A Mistake. Virat Asks If She Likes 1 Or 2. She Takes Money And Sys No One. She Hears Tire Blasting And Holds Virat’s Hand. Their Eyes Lock And She Feels Nervous. Serial’s Title Track Plays In The Background. She Then Gets Conscious And Leaves His Hand. He Checks His Car Tyre Puncture And Asks Sai To Visit Temple While He Finds A Mechanic And Gets It Repaired. Sai Walks Towards Temple When She Notices Pulkit Getting Out Of His Car With Madhuri And Harini. Pulkit Noticing Her Rushes To Her And Asks Why Didn’t She Reply To His Calls, Today Is College Holiday And He Wanted To Visit Her Home. Madhuri Calling Him Bhau/Brother Asks Him To Come To Them. Harini Asks Him To Buy Her A Toy. Pulkit Says He Will In A Few Minutes. Sai Thinks If Madhuri Is Pulkit’s Sister, Then Who Is Harini’s Mother. Pulkit Asks Again When Can He Come To Her House. She Asks Why He Wants To Come To Her House And Asks Him To First Tell Who Is His Wife. He Says Devyani.

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