Father and son at each other’s throat… Some non-emotional Skirmishes.

The relation of father and son is beyond our thoughts, some time they come close as in common way
but some time they have difference of opinion, whenever they come close it means they are friends
and acquaintances with each other. But when skirmish is on high peak they quarrel with one another
upon little tasks and this situation deteriorate their qualities of understanding in household criteria.
Here are some misunderstandings about parents and their children especially as you know my
character Stephen.
Many times they have a spat on little expressions like study, clothes and on meaningless talks about
the religion of Islam. Once they argued upon study as father said that “I am not seeing your heed
upon your study” upon this gigantic dispute erupted.
In my community freedom of expression always is in dilemma. Son cannot talk against his parents as
son’s value like a subsidiary organization and parents are always on patron side, never give authority
to their buddies, they consider that our lads have no idea of their doings, they cannot do what we can
do to them.
This idea ruins their lives until they come to thirty year of age. Reaching this age, rite of passage has
gone too far away.
Conservative mind of Stephen’s father dominates his thoughts and ideas. Archaic thoughts have
always made a quarrel in it. When grandfather had gone his son said that why you have not
celebrated the Soyem.
His father argued that this is not propose by Islam why must we do this, in our culture many people
believe in many ideas and thoughts, so, his father had a thought that as it is against Islam why we
celebrate it. The reason why his son said this to his father as masses coming toward the house for the
Soyem but there was an obscurity.
Our culture does not comprehend Islam. Many either goes against it completely or many come
towards it without any hesitation as bigotry masses do. Blatant exercises about Islam rise them on rife
The confrontation between mother *Ra and Stephen were in common. Once he fought on money. He
had required of some rupees for the tailor but mom said to him that go and take money from your
father, upon this issue, Stephen has no talk to his mom.
No one can comprehend Stephen. Stephen enjoys his life with his study of central superior but his
family does not know about it. He do texts to his father to send him money to fix his needs so father
sends him as much as he want.

Some people meet him and say to him that your future is bright but they do not know any person’s
inner qualities and characteristics only what they know which is told to. Friends say this because his
English is a bit strong and strident, now a day he is trying to take control on English much better. But I
can only pray for him and I know that he will try his best to make better his English writing.
And consider it a good or bad that in our country English is much required to read, write and to
elaborate your expressions in your own words. Elite class comes forward because they have many
perks and privileges in our society but the other society of poor as they think working class and it’s a
Working class has no perks and privileges neither in education and health nor in employment. All the
jobs go to elite class. This class getting more and more but the other nothing. No one take
responsibilities to alleviate the poverty but rich are getting richer and poor getting weaker and
weaker. Many differences between rural and urban areas are highlighted by the social media or
electronic media.
So, Stephen has the same situation in his home, no talks to his household members about anything
and any ifs and buts. But only one thing I want to say that he always looks after himself in his studies
and in health. Money does not matter to him as he has no job. I want to end this at it. So, in next
episode I will tell you about him with much more stories.
Upcoming episodes will be the best ones as these were the start of the myth.

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