Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 22nd February 2021 Written Episode

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Rajender Asking Avni Did She Decide Anything About The Marriage. He Asks Suman Did She Talk To Her. Suman Says Yes, Avni Wants To Get Independent And Do Something On Her Own, She Can Marry Later. Devraj Says Its Right, Avni Should Be Independent First. Rajender Says Its Fine, Take Your Time, Talk To Us Next Time, Don’t Run Away. Avni Says Yes, Sorry. Shravan Says It Wasn’t A Secret To Hide. Suman Holds His Hand. He Gets Upset. Devraj Asks Didn’t You Like The Food. He Says Its Good. Kavita Says Suman Has Made The Food, Its The Best. Shravan Says Salt Is Less. Devraj Says We Liked It A Lot, Have Less Salt, Its Good For Your Heart. They All Leave.

Suman Asks Why Are You Getting Upset. He Says You Are Hiding Things, Do What You Want. Its Morning, Suman Asks Shravan About The Carpet, How Is It. She Says If You Don’t Say Anything, Then I Will Feel Bad, I M Sorry, I Know We Were Going Together To Buy The Carpet And I Couldn’t Come, I Thought To Surprise You, So Its A Surprise, You Are Thinking How Did I Manage So Early, Magic Is Fun, Say Something. He Asks Why, You Don’t Tell Me When I Ask You, I Won’t Tell You Now. She Asks Are You A 5 Year Old Kid, That You Are Doing Tit For Tat. She Smiles And Says He Didn’t Change, Old Shravan, Stubborn. Bunty Asks Kanchan To Come. She Says I Want To Drive The Bike. He Asks How Will You Drive The Heavy Bike, If You Get Hurt Then Shravan Will Not Leave Me, Sit Here, I Will Get Some Food, Enjoy The Weather. She Gets His Bike Keys. She Goes. He Worries And Calls Her Out. He Says You Will Fall Down, Stop. She Races The Bike And Falls Down. He Runs To Her.

He Asks Did You Get Hurt, Show Me Your Hand. She Says Don’t Worry, I M Fine. He Asks What If Anything Happened To You, I Told You Not To Drive It. She Asks Why Are You Shouting. He Says What Shall I Do, Shall I Praise You For This. She Leaves In An Auto. He Asks Her To Stop. Suman And Shravan Play Badminton. Suman Loses To Him. Gujral Looks On. He Says Suman, You Have To Inspire Others, You Aren’t Able To Win A Match, I Know You Have Much Work Pressure, You Relieved The Officer And Did Night Duty, Its Good To Help Others But You Have To Win The Match, You Aren’t Winning Any Practice Match. Shravan Says It Was A Tough Game, She Is Sincere In Her Work. He Praises Her. Gujral Asks Them To Practice Well. He Goes. She Says My Game Is Spoiling. Shravan Says You Always Give Your Best, I Know You Well, You Always Motivate Me, Don’t Doubt Yourself, By The Way, The Carpet Was Amazing. She Smiles. She Asks Him To Come For Shopping. They Have A Moment. He Gets Close. She Goes. He Smiles.

Suman And Shravan Come For Shopping. She Says I Didn’t Like Anything, Let Me See Options. The Man Gives Them A Brochure. He Says I Think You Are Newly Married, We Have A Contest, The Couple Who Decorates Their Room Well Will Win Air Tickets. She Likes The Idea. He Says Its Waste Of Time And Money. He Goes. She Fills The Form.

Suman Meets Kanchan. She Says I Don’t Know Dolly, I Think She Cares For You, I Would Have Reacted The Same Way. Shravan Meets Bunty. He Says Tell Your Friend That He Did Right To Shout Because Of Concern. Kanchan Thinks Suman Doesn’t Know That Dolly Is Bunty. Shravan Says My Answer Won’t Change, Ask Your Friend To Say Sorry, When Relation Is Special, Then We Don’t See Who Is Right And Who Is Wrong. Bunty Says Great Thought, Amazing, Right. They Drink Tea.

Shravan Asks Did You Register Us In The Competition. Suman Says Yes. He Asks Why. She Says They Said… He Says Its Their Work, We Have To Think, I M Getting Many Calls, Why Did You Give My Number. She Says Don’t Get Irritated, I Remember Your Number Always, Think We Can Win. He Asks Will We Leave Duty And Go On A Trip. She Says We Can Send Anyone Else, We Can Find Solutions. He Says Maybe We Only Go There, Our Honeymoon Is Also Pending. She Says Exactly. He Says Sorry, I Overreacted, Sit. He Says I Think You Will Handle Avni Well, No Need To Share Everything With Me. She Says Yes, Because We Are One, We Have No Secrets Between Us, Avni Refused For Marriage Because She Loves Someone Else. He Gets Shocked.

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