Choti Sardarni 9th March 2021 Written Episode Full Update

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Punjab Dal’s People Announce The Free Ambulance Service By Punjab Dal. Bitu And Rani Fight With Him And Asks Him To Remove The Poster. Kulwant Says Let Them Do This. I Will See What To Do.
Meher Asks Kids Did They Eat? Samaira Says I Get Them Pizza. Meher Says I Am Glad They Ate. Meher Says Will You Take Shakes? Samaira Says Kids Your Mom Is Asking Something. Samaira Says Get Ready We Are Going For An Inauguration. Sarab Comes Outside With The Car. The Kids Don’t Want To Sit With Meher. Harleen Says Meher Kids Don’t Want To Sit With You. You Can Hop In My Car. Sarab Says Meher Don’t Worry. I Have Spoken To The Kids, They Will Be Fine. Samaira Drives. Sarab Says We Have A Sweet Slogan. Meher And Sarab Can Do Anything Together.
Scene 2
Sarab Comes To The Inauguration And Says This Ambulance Service Is For All People. It Will Be There For People In 5 Minutes. This Was Meher’s Idea So She Will Do The Inauguration. Seher Asks The Kids To Come With Her But They Ignore Her. People Talk That Kids Don’t Talk To Seher. Meher Comes On Stage And Is About To Cut The Ribbon. Kulwant Comes There And Says She Is A Murderer. She Comes In With Jagga’s Photos And Meher’s Photos From Jail.
Kulwant Says Do You Know This Kid? Did You Ever Take His Photo? You Are Taking Meher’s Photo. For This Ambulance Service. But People Who Do Public Service The Most Are More Criminal People So They Can Wash Their Sins. Harleen Says The First Time She’s Making Me Happy. This Kid, Yuvi Is An Orphan. His Dad Was Killed By Meher. She Backstabbed Him. Sarab Holds Meher’s Hand. Kulwant Says I Beg For Justice For My Son. Because This Woman Meher, Is Going To Start An Ambulance Service To Hide Her Sin. She Made Yuvi An Orphan. Kulwant Cries. Her Women Come There And Curse Meher.
Sarab Says Enough. Not Even A Single More Word. Kulwant Says Don’t Worry Yuvi. They Killed Your Son. Yuvi Says My Bua Killed My Dad. People Start Talking. Yuvi Cries And Says I Want Justice. Kulwant Says Will You All Give Him Justice. Kulwant Throws Water On Meher And Says This Is My Curse, The Person Using This Ambulance Will Go To The Graveyard. This Is My Cruse. People Chant Against Meher And Punjab Dal. People Say You Killed Your Brother And Talking About Starting An Ambulance Service?
Sarab Says Shame On You. The People We Considered Our Family Have No Value For Court’s Decision. You Can Call Anyone A Criminal? The Society Who Doesn’t Want To See The Truth. I Challenge You All To Go And Read The Court’s Verdict. If You Find Anything. I Am Ready To Accept It. Meher Is The One Who Was Raised By Jagga. They Were Each Other’s Life. No One Considered What She Went Through And So Did Her Kids. Mehre Cries. The Kids Are Crying As Well.

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