Choti Sardarni 6th March 2021 Written Episode

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Sidhi’s Mom Calls Meher. She Tells Her That Sidhi Is Shattered. Meher Says Give Her The Phone. She Gives The Phone To Sidhi. Meher Says Sidhi What Is Aunty Ji Saying? No Trouble Is Greater Than Your Courage. Just Stay Strong. Your Friend Meher Is With You. We Will Solve All Your Problems. I Will Come To Meet You Today.

Seher Comes To The Class. She Feels Awkward. She Says Hello To Everyone. She Says In The Heart Such A Big Class. No One Lets Her Sit On Any Seat. Kids Laugh At Her. Seher Says Shut Up, I Will Beat You. The Other Kid Says I Am A Class Monitor. Who The Hell Are You? She Says I Am Seher Kaul Gill. I Am A Princess. All Kids Call Her Duffer And Throw Papers At Her. Seher Says Shut Up. Don’t Dare To Call Me Duffer. I Will Break Your Faces. She Sits On The Teacher’s Chair. The Teacher Comes In. The Teacher Says You Are Sitting In My Seat. Seher Says This Is My First Day And They Aren’t Giving Me Space. She Says It’s Okay, You Go And Sit There. Seher Sits On The Chair. She Says The Princess Sits In The Front.
Sarab Decorates Seher’s Room And Says I Will Give My Daughter All The Happiness That She Missed In These 5 Years. Harleen Says You Need Rest. I Told You, You Should Stay In Your Bed. Ajay Asks What Is Seher’s Favorite Color? Sarab Recalls Her Scarfs. He Says Red. Sarab Says Relax Di. Ajay Says These Engagement Cards. What Do To With These? Sarab Reaclls What Happened At The Engagement.

Sarab Comes To Samaira’s Room. She Says Your Face Looks Like You Have Something Serious To Say. He Says I Am Sorry. I Had To Apologize To You. Please Forgive Me. She Says Are You Crazy? Would I Cry? Saran Babu.. What Did You Do To Me? Sarab Says You Know It Wasn’t Possible. We Are Good Friends, That’s It. I Never Thought More Of You Ever. He Says Meher Is My Life. I Can’t Live Without Her. She Takes The Ring And Says It’s Okay. She Says You’re Getting Sad Like We Are Having A Break Up. Sarab Hugs Her. Harleen Says No Sarab I Won’t Let You Go Away From Sarab This Time.
Seher Walks Towards Param In The Lunch Break. Yuvi Makes Her Fall. Param Runs To Her. He Says Yuvi Stop It. Seher Gets Up. The Kids Grasp Param. Seher Says Leave My Brother. Yuvi’s Friends Grasp Seher And Karan As Well. Param Says Yuvi Let Me Go. Seher Says Leave My Brothers. Seher Says Lizard.. Yuvi Looks Up. Seher Kicks Him. All Kids Laugh At Him. Seher Says I Will Complain. He Says Police Complaint About Your Mom. She Stabbed My Papa. Your Mother Is A Murderer. All Kids Chant, Seher’s Mom Is A Murderer. Yuvi Writes Murder On Seher’s Arm. Seher Cries. Parma Says Leave Her Yuvi. Seher Looks At Her Arm And Cries. Seher Stabs Yuvi With A Compass. He Falls Down. The Teachers Come. They Ask Who Hit Him? Kids Tell Seher Hit Yuvi With A Compass. Seher Cries And Says I Didn’t Do Anything. This Yuvi Made Me Fall And Wrote This On My Arm. Yuvi Says She’s Lying. Ask All The Kids. All Kids Blame Seher. Seher Runs. The Teacher Goes After Her. She Locks Herself.

Seher Locks Herself In The Lab. Teachers Ask Her To Open The Door. She Cries And Says I Didn’t Do Anything. Seher Breaks A Chemical Flash And Fumes Start Coming Out Of It. Param And Karan Are Worried For Her. Seher Is Scared. She Tries To Run Out. The Lab Is Full Of Fumes. Everyone Asks Seher To Open The Door. Param Says Teacher Please Do Something. Please Break This Door. They Try To Break The Door. Seher Falls Down. She Cries. The Chemicals Keep Spilling. Seher Screams Papa.. Meher And Sarab Come To The School. Meher Says Seher Please Open The Door. Sarab Says Seher Please Open The Door. She Cries And Says I Didn’t Do Anything. That Yuvi Did It. Sarab Says Seher Please Open The Door. No One Will Say Anything To You. Seher Says I Don’t Want To Come Out.
Sarab Breaks The Door And Brings Seher Out. He Asks What Happened? Why Did You Lock Yourself? She Says Yuvi Made Me Fall And See What He Wrote On My Arm. Is Mama A Murder? Sarab And Meher Get Silent. All Kids Call Meher Murder. The Teacher Says To Sarab Take The Kids Home. We Will Know What Our Decision Is. Meher Walks Out. Kids Call Her Murderer And Throw Red Ink On Her. Sarab Takes Meher Out.

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