Choti Sardarni 3rd March 2021 Written Episode

Choti Sardarni 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Choti Sardarni 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Written Update
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Harleen Comes Home. Seher Asks Where Is Meher Mama? She Says I Don’t Know. Seher Says You’re Lying. Karan Says Where Is My Meher Mama? Harleen Says Your Mom Is Samaira. Karan Says No My Mom Is Meher. She Says Then Where Was She For The Last 5 Years? She Left You Again. She Doesn’t Love You. Param Says Meher Mama Loves Us More Than Anyone. Seher Says Why Didn’t She Come Then? Parma Says Meher Mama Will Come To Us For Sure. He Hugs Them Both.

Sarab Opens His Eyes. He Says Stay With Me Meher Ji. The Doctor Says He’s Doing Better Now. Sarab Keeps Taking Meher’s Name. He Says We Will Never Go Away From Each Other. Samaira Holds His Hand. Samaira Says She’s Gone Away From Your Life. She Will Never Come Back. No One Will Ever Come Between Us. The Kids Pray Together. Meher Shoves The Door And Comes In. Meher Opens The Door And Comes In.
Harleen Stops Meher And Says Your Relationship With This House And People Here Is Over. Go From Here. Meher Says My Relationship With This House And Its People Is Of Heart. Harleen Says Leave My Brother Already. I Have Seen Your Truth Already. You Have Only Brought Bad Things To This House. You Have No Right To Enter This House. Meher Says I Have The Right To Enter This House. My Sarab Gave Me This Right. He Told Me We Will Never Part Ways. No One Can Stop Me From Being With Him. Harleen Says Wow You Really Care For Him Today? Meher Says I Am His Wife. Harleen Says You Were. In These 5 Years..
Meher Says You Better Not Talk About 5 Years. You Gave Me The Reason To Be Lost. You Stopped Me From Coming Here. Meher Came To The House After Being Released. Harleen Said To Her Go From Here. We Can’t Let A Murder In This House. Meher Told Her She Has Been Evicted. Tarkash Killed Jagga. HArleen Said I Don’t Trust You. Look At Yourself. Meher Said Please Let Me Meet Param, Karan, And Sarab. Harleen Told Her Sarab Moved On In His Life. Meher Says You Said My Mom And I Are Murderers? Harleen Said Everything Is Over Because Of You. You Are A Murderer. You Killed Your Own Brother. Sarab Promised That He Won’t Repeat The Mistake Of Being With You Again. He Adopted Karan, Isn’t That Enough? Go From Here. There’s No Place For You In This House. Don’t Ruin Our Lives. Meher Says No One Can Part Two Lovers. Meher Says My Love, My Kids Called Me Here.
The Kids Are Praying. Samaira Looks At Sarab. Harleen Says I Am Going To Give Those Kids A New Mom And Sarab A New Wife. Go From Here. I Will Get You Kicked Out Of Here. Harleen Says Security.. Harleen Says You Have To Go From Here. Meher Says I Won’t Go Away From My Kids And My Sarab. All Three Kids Come There And Stand In Front Of Meher. They Hold Her Hands. Param Spills Oil In The Door To Welcome Meher. He Says Now Come In Meher Mama. Meher Hugs Her Kids. Meher Enters The House. Meher Goes Inside. Param Says I Told You Meher Mama Would Come. They Fight Who Would Tell Sarab That Meher Is Home.
Meher Sees The Board Of Sarab’s Engagement With Samaira. She’s Shocked. Samaira Comes There. Harleen Says You Were Talking About Love Right? Sarab Is Ready To Marry Samaira. This Engagement Was Happening With Sarab’s Choice. Go Back To The Man You Married. Harleen Says Married? Who? Harleen Shows Her The Photos. Harleen Says These Photos Are Speaking. Meher Looks At The Photos And Says Sarab Must Have Laughed At These Photos. Samaira Says I Have Seen The Love For You In Sarab’s Eyes. Please Tell Sarab I Am Not Sad Over The Engagement Being Broken, Just Tell Him, I Am Sad I Couldn’t Get The Solitaire. Meher Says You Have A Pure Heart. Samaira Says So Do You. She Leaves.
The Kids Make Sarab Close His Eyes. They Ask Him To Count Till 3.. Meher Comes In. Sarab Smiles Looking At Her. Meher Sits With Sarab. She Hugs Him. All Kids Hug Them. Meher Hugs PAram. She Kisses Him. Seher Recalls Praying For Her Father. She Made A Snowman And Said My Papa Is So Handsome. She Recalls Shouting On Mountains I Love You Papa. She Looks At Sarab. Sarab Smiles.

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