Choti Sardarni 26th February 2021 Written Episode

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Bitu And Rana Tell Kulwnat The Engagement Stopped Because A Kid Came. Kulwant Says Who Is She? Rana Says The Girl Fainted In His Lap. Bitu Says He Left The Engagement And Took Her To The Hospital. Kulwant Says For A Stranger Girl He Left His Engagement? Take Me To The Hospital. I Need To See Where He Is.

Samaira Calls Sarab And Asks How Is She Now? Sarab Says She’s Under A Treatment. Samaira Says Don’t Worry And Let Me Know If You Need Any Help. The Nurse Says To Meher And Kaul I Am Doing This For You Only But Please Be Careful. Harleen Says Samaira You’re Just Like Sarab. You Care More About Others Than Yourself. She Says It’s Okay We Can Get Engaged Tomorrow. Samaira Says Let’s Pray For Seher. I Hope She Gets Well Soon. Kulwant Comes To The Hospital And Asks About The Kid Sarab Got. She Says I Want Her Details. The Receptionist Says Who Are You.. She Says Your Mom. Param Comes And Says, Grandmom. He Touches Kulwant’s Feet. Param Says It’s Me Param. Where Were You All These Years? I Missed You So Much. He Touches Her Feet. Kulwant Gets Emotional. She Thinks About Her Moments With Param. Kulwant Says I Can’t Be Weak. Param Says What Are You Doing Here? She Says Your Papa Brought A Girl Here. Who Is She? He Says I Don’t Know. Kulwant Says Where Is She Taken? Karan Says In That Room.Meher Goes Towards Seher’s Room As A Nurse. Kulwant Also Walks There. Meher Enters The Room And Cries Looking At Seher. Meher Says Nothing Will Happen To You. Everything Would Be Fine. Sarab Comes In, Meher Wears Her Mask. Sarab Says How Is Her Condition? The Doctor Says Her Life Is In Danger. We Have To Do Her Bone Marrow Transplant. Kulwant Peeks In. She Says It’s The Same Girl From Kashmir. Her Phone Turns Off. A Nurse Asks Kulwant Who Are You? And What Are You Doing Here? Kulwant Gives Her Money And Asks Her To Do Something For Her.

Sarab Says I Will Arrange For The Donor. Check My Blood Group. He Says It’s About Bone Marrow Transplant. All 6 HLAs Should Meet Hers. The Person Needs To Be O Positive. Seher Doesn’t Have A Sibling. Generally, Siblings’ Stem Cells Match. Sarab Says Prepare For The Operation I Am Coming. Sarab Calls Robbie And Says We Need O-Positive Blood. We Need A Donor Asap. Robbie Says Param Is O Positive. Sarab Says He’s Too Young. Param Hears. He Says Seher’s Mom Saved My Karan.

Harleen Says To Samaira I Will Get You Married To Sarab. Param Comes To The Hospital. He Says I Want To Give My Blood, I Am O Positive. My Mama Always Helped People. She Always Said She Would Be Proud Of Me If I Helped People. She Donated Me Her Piece Of Liver. Param Says Please Sister, As Him To Let Me Donate. The Doctor Says You Are Too Young. Sarab Comes. Param Says I Am O Positive. I Can Give Blood To Seher But The Doctor Isn’t Agreeing. Sarab Says This Can’t Happen. Param Says We Are Singh. We Have To Help People. Seher Doesn’t Have Time. Please Get My Test Done At Least.The Nurse Takes Out Injections. Karan Says Injection.. Param Says We Are Singh. We Aren’t Scared Of Anyone But God. Meher Recalls How She Taught Him That When She Took Him To Injections. Meher Speaks To Him To Keep Him Distracted. His Sample Is Taken. Meher Moves Back.. Param Stops Her. He Is About To Take Her Mask Off. Meher Stops Him. He Says My Meher Mama Is Taken Away From Me. I Won’t Let Anything Happen To Meher Mama. Thank You For Being So Kind. Meher Hugs Him. Sarab Comes In. Karan Says Param Is Superman. He Gave A Blood Test. Sarab Says I Am So Proud Of You.

Harleen Says How Can Sarab Ask Param To Give His Blood? He Is A Kid. SAmaira Says She Is Also Someone’s Kid. Harleen Says Her Parents Don’t Care About Her. Harleen Says Sarab Is Acting Like She’s His Daughter. Samaira Says Would You Say The Same If She Was Sarab’s Daughter? Harleen Says She Isn’t. I Won’t Let Param Give His Blood.

Kulwant Comes In. She Says That Girl Is From The Guesthouse Sarab Stayed In. It’s Complicated. Meher Cries With Seher. She Gets A Call. Meher Picks The Call. Kulwant Is On The Other Side. Meher Didn’t Say Anything. Another Nurse Comes And Takes The Phone. She Says To Keep The Money Ready. I Will Keep You Posted With The News. Sarab Talks To People To Arrange Donors. Samaira Comes With Food. Sarab Says I Don’t Want To Eat. She Says You Can’t Stay Hungry. She Makes Param And Karan Eat. Sarab Says Thank You So Much. Param’s Report Matches. The Doctor Says No Other Donors Came. Param Says I Am Ready. Sarab Says But He’s So Young. Samaira Says Is It Risky? He Says Not Really. We Don’t Have Time. Sarab Says He’s Too Young For This. I Don’t Know What To Do. Meher Comes There Disguised As A Nurse. Sarab Says I Wish Meher Was Here. She Would Find A Solution For Every Trouble. He Cries. Param Says If Meher Were Here, She Would Say Sardar Ji, We Always Help People. Meher Says Sorry Param On One Side It’s You And Seher On The Other Side.

The Nurse Comes And Says The Patient’s Condition Is Worsening. Sarab And Meher Come In. The Doctor Says Please Take The Decision. Anything Can Happen. Sarab Says Seher.. He Says Her Pulse Is Drowning. Sarab Says Do Something Please. They Shift Her To ICU. Sarab And Meher Rush With Her.

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