Choti Sardarni 24th February 2021 Written Episode

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Samaira Brings Tea. Sarab Says I Don’t Want Tea And You Don’t Need To Do All This. She Laughs And Says This Is For Me. She Says Ajay Ji.. He Brings In Shoes. She Says Choose Shoes From These. I Know You Don’t Love But And It Can’t Be Forced. I Know It’s All Happening In A Hurry That’s Why I Got You Running Shoes. Wear Them And Run Away. He Says You Are Such A Stress Reliever. Samaira Says If You Don’t Want To Do Engagement, I Will Say No To Harleen Di. I Can’t See Your Face Like This. My Tragic King. Silence Means So This Means Yes? Don’t Take The Burden Of Love. We Are Just Good Friends. Let’s Get Engaged, Will See The Rest Later. Sarab Thinks About Karan. He Recalls What Harleen Said.

Kulwant’s Man Tells Her That There’s A Function At Sarab’s House. Kulwant Says What Are They Celebrating? It’s No One’s Birthday.. Harleen Comes In And Says It’s An Engagement. I Made A Huge Mistake Of Marrying My Brother In This House. The Relationship Was Not Good For Any Of Us. Your Daughter Ruined Everything. My Brother Respect, Happiness, And Life. Today I Am Rectifying That Mistake By Marrying My Brother Again To A Girl From A Good Family. So I Thought I Should Give The First Card To You. The Card Says Don’t Need To Come. After Today, If Any Of You Is Seen Near Our House It Won’t Be Good. Our Relation With You Was Over 5 Years Ago. I Will Never See Your Cursed Faces Again. She Leaves. Kulwant Says Samaira.. She Will Become A Widow Before Becoming A Wife.

Samaira Gets Ready As A Bride. Harleen Says You Look So Pretty. Meher Arrives Outside The House. Meher Says Let’s Go, Seher. Seher Says Why Are We Here? Whose House Is This? Meher Says You Will Get All Your Answers In This House. You Will Be Okay As Well. Seher Says Does God Live Here? She Says God’s Pious Person Lives Here. She Says Sorry Sarab Ji But This Is My Last Hope To Save Seher. Seher Gives Her Bag And Says Go In. Seher Says Will I Go Alone? Won’t You Come? Meher Says No. You Won’t Look Back. Just Go In. Your Mama Is Always With You. Meher Hugs Her And Cries. Seher Goes Inside The House. Meher Looks At The House And Cries. Seher Goes Inside With The Guests.

Sarab Comes Out Dressed. Seher Enters The House At The Same Time. Meher Is Outside In The Car. She Cries. Harleen Gives Ring To Sarab. Karan Is Happy. Samaira Makes Sarab Wear The Ring. Everyone Claps. Seher Comes In. Sarab Picks The Ring. Harleen Extends Samaira’s Hand. He Is About To Make Her Wear It.. Seher Comes In And Says Are You God’s Man. Sarab Is Shocked To See Her. Karan Hugs Her And Says Seher.. Sarab Says Seher? He Leaves Samaira’s Hand. Seher Says Tell Me Uncle, Are You God’s Man? Sarab Says You Here? She Says My Mama Sent Me. She Said I Will Be Okay When I Come Here. God’s Pious Man Lives Here. She Gets An Attack.. She Can’t Breathe.. Sarab Says Are You Okay? The Ring Falls From His Hand. Seher Faints. Sarab Says Seher.. Harleen Says Who Is She? How Do You Know Her? Sarab Says To Call The Doctor. Samaira Gives Water. Harleen Says Who Is She? Sarab Pours Water On Her Face. Sarab Sees Her Reports Of Thalassemia. He Says We Have To Take Her To The Hospital. Harleen Says You Can’t Go, Engagement.. He Says Her Life Is Important. Harleen Says Someone Else Will Take Her. Sarab Says Her Mom Saved Our Life. Harleen Says Robbie Will Take Her. Samaira Says Di Please, Let Him Go. Nothing Is More Important Than Her Life. Harleen Says How Can Someone Leave Her Child? How Irresponsible Is Her Mom? Sarab Says She Must Have Some Problem. Please Get Aside.

Meher Says God May Never Give Such Helplessness To Anyone. I Had No Other Option But To Leave Her Here. Kaul Asks The Driver To Go. Sarab Comes Running Out. Seher Is In His Hands. He Asks The Driver To Take Out The Car. Meher Screams.. She Says My Daughter.. Seher. She Runs After The Car But Sarab Drives Fast. Sarab Calls The Guest House But No One Picks. Sarab Calls The Doctor From The File. He Asks The Doctor For Seerat’s Number. He Says I Don’t Have It But Let Me Try To Find It. Sarab Says Seher.. Open Your Eyes. She Says Papa In Unconsciousness.

Sarab Brings Seher To The Hospital. Karan And Param Are Also With Him. Seher Is Taken To Emergency Care. Meher Also Comes There. She’s Crying. Kaul Says She’s With The Doctors Everything Would Be Fine. Meher Sits There And Cries. She Hears Someone Praying.. She Stops. It’s Param. He Says I Don’t Know Who Seher Is But I Feel Like I Do. Please Heal Her God. Meher Mama Said Real Prayer Has A Lot Of Power. I Am Praying Please Heal Her. Seher’s Mama Saved Karan, It’s Our Turn To Save Her. Meher Cries And Says My Param.. She Looks At Him And Says He’s So Grown Up. Meher Walks Towards Him. Meher Recalls Her Moments With Param. She Cries. His Eyes Are Closed. Meher Is About To Touch His Head.. Kaul Comes. Her Anchal Falls On Param. Meher Walks Towards Kaul. Param Looks Back But Only Sees Her Back. He Leaves With The Nurse. Meher Sits Down Crying.

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