Choti Sardarni 22nd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Sarab Harleen And Sandhya Go To Drop The Kids At The School. Kulwant Meets Them There And Tries To Talk To Them. Bith Harleen And Sarab Ignore Her But Sarab Sees Sandhya Talking To Them And Is Surprised How She Knows Kulwant. Sarab Asks Sandhya How She Knows Her. She Says That She Is Meher’s Mother And She Came Home To Meet Her. Sarab Asks When? But He Is Interrupted By The Happening Of The Competition.
Karan Is Mocked By Fellow Students For Dressing Up Like A Good Boy And Not According To The Fancy Dress Competition. Sandhya Overhears The Conversation And Tries To Help Him But Karan Refuses. Sandhya Sits In The Audience Where She Talks To Kulwant Again Who Is Asking About The Whereabouts Of Meher. Sandhya Tells Her That She Has No Update On Her.
Karan Comes On The Stage Dressed As Bhagat Singh. In The Flashback, Sandhya Is Seen Helping Karan With The Outfit. She Tells Karan That Meher Called Her And Asked To Help Karan With The Fancy Dress Competition. Sarab Thinks That If Meher Would Have Been Here She Would Have Clapped And Whistled. Karan Wins The Show. Yuvi Also Performs On The Stage As Munna Bhai And Gives Zadu Ki Jhappi To Karan.
At The Police Station, An Officer Reaches And Informs That They Have News On Meher. Seher Also Performs On The Stage Dressed As Meher. Everyone From The Family Is Overwhelmed With Emotions To See Her Dressed As Meher. Seher Also Enacts Her Mother And Pretends To Do Her Daily Chores On The Stage. She Is Interrupted By The Organizers As She Says That You Should Have Dressed As A Famous Personality Who Can Inspire Us. She Adds That You Will Be Disqualified. The Mic Is Given To Sarab To Know His Point Of View On This. They Say That Your Wife Is Neither Famous Nor Inspiring.
Seher Says That My Mother Inspires Us In Many Ways. She Takes Care Of Everyone And Serves More Than Anyone Else Can She Can Heal Us In A Jiffy. There Can Be No Better Role Model Than My Mother As She Is The Best. Everyone Gives A Standing Ovation To Seher. Seher Wins The Competition And Sarab Is Called On The Stage. Yuvi Karan And Param Also Join Them. Sarab Hugs Seher. She Asks Sarab If She Can Call Sandhya On The Stage. Sandhya Resists But Seher Insists. Seher Takes The Trophy From Sandhya’s Hands.
Sarab Receives A Call From The Police Who Informs Him That They Have Found A Dead Body Of A Young Lady. Sarab Drops His Phone And Starts To Panic. When Asked What Happened, He Tells Harleen That Police Have Found A Dead Body And They Are Saying That It Can Be Meher’s.

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