Choti Sardarni 22nd February 2021 Written Episode

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There’s Fire Outside. Meher Is Sleeping. The Entire Guest House Is Surrounded By Fire. It Starts Snowing. The Sun Comes Out. Meher Comes Out. She Says It Snowed All Night. Meher Sees The Gallon And Says How Did It Come Here? It’s Empty But It Was Full. Seher Says Mama You Woke Up So Early? She Says Yes Sarab Uncle And Karan Are Leaving Today.

Harleen Looks At The Photos. She Says Now I Will Write Story Of Param’s New Wedding. Meher Makes Kran Eat. He Say Aunt Makes Me Eat. Meher Says Who? He Says The One Param Calls Bua. She Says You Should Also Call Her Bua. Sarab Asks Seher To Make Three Promises That She Will Stay Sweet, Learn A Lot And Come To Meet Them In Amritsar. Meher Says Your Breakfast And Lunch Is Ready. I Made Karan Eat. Sarav Says Thank You So Much. This Small Gift.. Meher Says I Didn’t Do It For Money. Seher Found A Brother And Karan A Sister. I Am Like His Mother. They Hug Each Other. Karan Hugs Meher. Sarab Says Good Bye, Seher. Karan Says Param Told Me, Mama Used To Say I Will Come Again. Never Say Bye. Seher’s Mama, I Will Come Again. He Kisses Meher’s Hand.

They Sit In The Car. Meher Looks At Them. Seher Says They Forgot Tea

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