Choti Sardarni 20th February 2021 Written Episode

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Seher Plays With Sarab. She Says Kaul Uncle Is So Nice. He Always Takes Care Of Us. Meher Says Come In, Food Is Ready. Sarab Says I Will Serve To All Of You. Meher Used To Say When I Serve Food Becomes Tastier. Kulwant Looks At Them And Says I Am Going To Kill Both Of Them Tonight.

Robbie Sees Meher’s Photos With Kaul In Harleen’s Phone. He Calls Sarab And Says We Found Meher. Sarab Is Shocked. Sarab Says What? Where Is She? Tell Me The Address. Harleen Takes The Phone. She Says We Couldn’t Find Her. People See Your Ad And Only Call To Confirm About The Money. Sarab Says Why Did Robbie Say Tha

Sarab Gets Happy Hearing Him And Asks The Address Of Meher. Before Robbie Says Anything, Harleen Snatches The Mobile From Him And Tells Sarab That They Didn’t Find Meher’s Whereabouts Yet. Sarab Asks Then Why Robbie Said Like That. She Says Seeing His Advertisement Many People Calls Them Just To Confirm About 5lakhs. Harleen Says Come Back And Think About Marriage. Sarab Says I Told You I Cannot Marry. Meher Is Alive, I Will Find Her No Matter What. My Life Is Incomplete Without Her. Meher Overhears This And Gets Teary. Sarab Also Gets Teary. He Says This Distance Can’t Affect Our Relationship.

Robbie Says To Harleen Why Did You Lie? He Has Been Madly Searching For Meher. Harleen Says Can’t You See? Meher Isn’t Alone In The Pictures. There Is A Man With Her. If Sarab Finds Out Now He’ll Be Shattered Alone. Meher Has Moved On With Her Life And Found Someone Else. I Have Decided What Do I Have To Do Now. It Will Start From Gill Mansion.

Sarab Asks Meher Where Is Your Husband? You Don’t Speak About Him. Seher Says My Papa Lived Beyond The Mountains. Karan Says My Mom Also Loves Me. Why Doesn’t She Come To Meet Me? Doesn’t She Love Me? Meher Gets Teary And Thinks She Should Stay Away From Karan Before She Gets Too Emotional. He Situation And She Loves Him So Much. Meher Says I Cannot Get Too Emotional. I Can’t Forget My Child. I Love Him So Much. Seher Sees Kulwant’s Shadow And Says The Aunty Staying In The Other Room Is A Witch And She Will Eat ThemX Karan Told Her. Sarab Says Karan Please Stop Telling These Fake Stories. Meher Says Don’t Get Scared Kids. They All Go To Their Rooms.

Meher Comes To Sarab And Removes Cloth From Her Fake. He Gets Shocked. Sarab Says Meher Ji… Meher Hugs Him And Says Only I Know How I Lived This Time Without You. I Missed You So Much. It Was Her Imagination. Karan Comes In And Says I Want To Sleep With Seerat Aunty. Karan Gets Scared Seeing Kulwant’s Shadows. Meher Says Don’t Worry.

Kulwant Starts Pouring Petrol Around The House. She Says A Mother Can’t Forget Her Child. Kulwant Says I Will Kill That Karan And Sarab Tonight. This House Will Burn And They Will Die Inside.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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