Choti Sardarni 19th February 2021 Written Episode

Choti Sardarni / Choti Sardarni Tellyupdate Written, Choti Sardarni Written Episode 19 February 2021 Telly Update, Choti Sardarni Written Episode Today, Choti Sardarni Written Update 19 February 2021, Choti Sardarni Wu 19 February 2021, Written Episode, Written Episode Update Choti Sardarni, Written UpdateMeher Says To Kaul To Meet Him. He Says I Have To Leave For An Important Meeting. Meher Says Have Bitter Guard With Us. I Would Stay If It Wasn’t Important. And Bitter Guards Are Bitter. Seher Tells Stories To Sarab. He Says You Are Very Naughty Like My Bandru. Karan Says Stop Calling Me Bandru. Seher Says Mama And I Had So Much Phone. Let Me Show You Photos. Meher Comes In And Says Not Now. Karan Says I Want To See The Photos. Meher Says It’s On Top Of The Cupboard. Sarab Says It’s Okay. We Got Some Gifts For You. Meher Says Thank But I Can’t Take It. He Says It’s For Karan’s Fairy Mother And His Sister Like Seher. Karan Gives Chocolates To Seher. She Gets Happy. Sarab Says We Have To Go Now. Meher Says We Won’t Let You Go Without Having Food. Sarab Says We Are Getting Late. Karan Says Seerat Aunty Makes The World’s Best Food. Sarab Says My Meher Made That. Okay, We Will Stay. Meher Says Thank You. I Will Get The Food.

Kulwant Comes Outside The Guest House And Sees Karan From Binoculars. Meher Serves Them Food. Sarab Says This Is A Lot. Meher Says But This Is Your Favorite. Sarab Is Shocked. Sarab Says How Do You Know?? Meher Says Karan Told Me. Sarab Says Karan You And Your Stories. Sarab Says Please Sit Seerat Ji. Sarab Eats The Food. He’s Shocked. Meher Gets Teary. Sarab Looks At The Food And Then Seerat. Seher Says What Happened? Don’t You Like The Food? Sarab Says This Is Exactly Meher’s Taste. Seher Says But My Mama Made It. He Says Yes. Sarab Eats More. Meher Gets Happy. Sarab’s Hand Touches Her Hand While Picking The Bowl, He Feels Something.

Karan Coughs. Meher Gives Him Water. Sarab Says You Cook A Lot Like My Meher. I Was Craving This Taste. You Reminded Me Of My Meher. She Must Be Having Hiccups. Meher Gets Hiccups. She Says Sorry. Param Video Calls. Meher Looks At His Face. He Says See I Made Meher Mama’s Painting. I Won First Prize For It. Meher Tries To See His Face But He Says Have Food, Meher Mama Said Not To Talk While Having Food, He Hangs Up Before Meher Could See His Face. Karan Asks Where Is Your Wife? Sarab Says In My Heart. Karan Says My Mama Is In My Heart. Seher Says My Papa, Meher Says My Husband.

Karan Tells A Witch Attire To Seher In A Story. Kulwant Is Outsisde In The Same Attire. She Looks In.. Seher Says Is She A Witch? The Kids Are Scared. Seher Says She Came Out Of The Story. Karan Says She Doesn’t Sleep At Night. She Eats Kids. The Guard Comes. She Says Can I Get A Place To Stay Here. Karan Says Go From Here There’s No Room Here. The Guard Says I Spoke To Madam. Come In. Karan Says Don’t Be Scared Seher. Keep Fingers Crossed. Kulwant Goes Inside. Seher Says There Are No Kids, I Am 20 Yaers. We Have Dangerous People Here. Sarab Is Speaking To Harleen. Kulwants Hears His Voice. He Says I Am Fine, Karan Is Fine As Well. We Are Leaving In A Bit. Kulwant Looks At Him. Seher Says We Dobn’t Peek In Other People’s Rooms Here. Your Room Is There.

Sarab Says On Call I Will Find Meher Ji. No Matter What Happens. She Is My Life. Harleen Says Enough, Come Back Fast. I Have To Talk To You. Kulwant Asks Meher When Are Sarab And Karan Leaving? She Says We Don’t Tell Other People’s Things Here. Kulwant Says Bring Me Food.

Sarab And Karan Get Ready. Sarab Says Thank You For All The Good Food And Care. You Reminded Me Of Old Days. We Have To Go Now. Meher Says I Packed Laddus And Kava For Him. His Immunity Is Weak. Sarab Is Shocked. Sunny Takes Meher’s Photos With Sarab. Kulwant Tries To Take Off Tire From Sarab’s Car. He Sees And Takes Kulwant’s Photos Too. Sunny Says If I Send These Photos, Harleen My Cancel The Deal. Sarab Says How Do You Know About His Immunity? Karan Says I Told Her. Sarab Says We Have To Go Now. Meher Says How Do I Stop Them. I Can’t Lose Them Again.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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