Bawara Dil 8th March 2021 Written Episode

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Bhavin Tells Akka Bai That Shiva Lashkare Kidnapped That Girl. Akka Bai Glares At Him And Says We Don’t Know Any Shiva. She Asks Him To Cut Everything Related To Shiva From Now On. There Should Be No Evidence Of Me Knowing Shiva. I Don’t Know Any Shiva From Now On. Shiva Arrives Home And Some Dhol Starts Playing. All Dance Around Him. His Sister Comes And Hugs Him. Shiva Enters His House. His Ayi Comes There And Says I Got To Know You Won A War. She Does His Aarti. Jalwa Says Shiva Destroyed Police So Easily. Shiva Tells His Ayi To Stop It. Ayi Says You Are My Diamond, We Are Living A Lavish Life Because Of You Otherwise I Would Have Just Been A Wife Of A Government Officer. You Have Brought Luxuries In Our Life While Your Father Just Provided Us Food. She Asks Him To Get Ready For Dinner.

Shiva Sits At The Dining Table With His Family. Soni Serves Food To Them. His Mother Tells Him That She Ordered A Big TV Online. Shiva Asks What’s The Money? His Mother Says I Used The Card That You Gave Me, I Have Used All The Money. Shiva’s Cousins Ask Her To Get Them Something Too. She Says Sure. Yashwant Glares At Shiva And Says We Have Made Shiva’s Favorite Food When He Has Embarrassed Us? He Has Blackened Our Faces. I Am Not Hungry Anymore, He Puts Some Cash There And Leaves. Shiva Starts Leaving. His Mother Asks Him To Ignore His Father. Shiva Says He Doesn’t Even Eat The Food That I Earn, He Wants To Show That My Money Is Illegal That’s Why He Leaves Money On The Table Like His Money Is Legal. His Mother Asks Him To Calm Down. Shiva Sits Back.
Scene 2
In The Morning, Ishwar’s Friend Asks Him To Talk To Sidhi. She Is Young So Maybe Shiva And Sidhi Were… Ishwar Says My Sidhi Would Not Do Characterless Things And She Has Nothing To Do With Shiva. Sidhi Comes There And Hears Everything. The Man Tells Ishwar That I Saw The Goons Beating Gaurav And They Took Shiva’s Name And Kept Calling Sidhi Their Bhabhi. I Feel Like Shiva Has Something With Sidhi. Sidhi Is Stunned Hearing That.

Shiva Is Exercising In His Room. His Servants Give Him A Towel. Soni Comes There. Shiva Asks Her To Come Back From The College On Time. She Says I Have Some Work In The Library, Don’t Worry My Friends Will Be There. He Says Okay. Soni Asks That Girl In The Village.. What Happened With Ishwar’s Daughter.. Did You Have Something To Do With It? Shiva Glares At Her. Soni Says Did You Do Something? Shiva Says When Someone Talks About Me Then Don’t Hear It, People Spit Poison Against Me. He Asks Her To Go To College. Soni Hugs Him And Leaves. Shiva Asks His Goons To Go And Watch Over Soni But She Shouldn’t Know That. Jalwa Tells Shiva That You Keep So Much Eye On Soni. Shiva Says Because People Are Against Me So They Will Do Anything, I Don’t Want To Take Any Risk With Her. He Goes To Get Ready.
Sidhi Is Walking On The Road When Meher Comes There. Meher Hugs Her And Asks How Is She? Sidhi Gets Emotional And Says Nothing Is Right. She Thanks Her For Coming. Meher Says I Am Your Best Friend, I Live Far Away But You Can Share Your Pain With Me, You Could Have Called Me When You Were In Trouble. Sidhi Says Everything Happened So Fast That I Didn’t Know What To Do. That Man Took Everything Away From Me, My Happiness, My Dreams And My Gaurav Was Taken Away. Meher Says I Won’t Ask How This Happened But I Know You Fought For Others So You Can’t Run Away From Your Troubles. You Have To Fight For Your Self-Respect, You Are A Human So You Will Retaliate, You Will Answer Him Back. Sidhi Wipes Her Tears And Looks On.

Shiva Starts Leaving His House. He Tells His Mother That Her TV Delivery Is Here. Her Mother Gets Elated. She Calls Everyone And Shows Her TV To Them. Shiva’s Mother Mangal Says I Want Everyone To See How Big Is This TV.
Sidhi Is Walking On The Road And Recalls Everything. She Comes To Shiva’s House In Anger. She Takes A Big Stone And Throws It Through The Window. It Falls On The Porch In Front Of Mangal When Is Looking At Her TV. Sidhi Keeps Throwing Stones In Their House. All Family Members Look On. Sidhi Throws A Stone And It Falls On Mangal’s TV. Mangal Gets Hit On The Head Too. She Is Stunned. Sidhi Cries And Falls Down. Mangal Comes To Sidhi And Asks If She Is Crazy? Who Are You? Sidhi Glares At Her. Mangal Says She Broke My TV, I Will Break Her Face, How Dare You Glare At Me? Mangal’s Brother Takes Her Aside And Says She Is Ishwar’s Daughter And Sent Shiva To The Police Station. Mangal Says This Is The Girl Who Made Me My Son Stay In The Jail? It’s Good That She Is Here As I Won’t Spare Her. Mangal Tries To Attack Her But Her Brother Tells Her She Will Call The Police Again. Mangal Looks On. Ishwar Comes There And Asks Sidhi What She Is Doing Here? Let’s Go Back Home. Mangal Asks Ishwar To Send Her To The Mental Hospital, She Is Throwing Stones At Our House. Ishwar Tells Sidhi That You Shouldn’t Have Done This. Let’s Go Back Home. Mangal Says Who Will Repay This Damage? Ishwar Folds His Hands And Says I Am Sorry For Her Mistake. Sidhi Stops Him And Says She Should Ask Her Son What Damage He Has Done, He Has Damaged My Relationship, My Dreams And My Family. I Am Just Answering Him Back. Ishwar Takes Sidhi From There.
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