Bawara Dil 4th March 2021 Written Episode

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Sidhi Says You? Did You Kidnap Me? She Tries To Hit Him But He Holds Her Back. Sidhi Says Why Did You Do This? Shiva Says What I Have Learned From Life Is To Do What Others Do With Me. You Made Me Stay In Jail For A Night So I Did The Same With You. Sidhi Says Today Is My Wedding.. What Have You Done? Shiva Laughs And Says Your Wedding WAS And Not IS. He Says All Were At The Venue But They Were Waiting For The Bride Who Was Not Present There. All Baratis As Gone. Sidhi Glares At Him.

Sidhi Is Walking Home And Recalls Everything. She Is Broken As She Reaches Home. All Family Members Are Stunned To See Her. Malini Looks At Her And Takes Her Inside The House. She Brings Her To The Porch And Hugs Her Tightly. Sidhi Stands There All Silent And Numb. Malini Makes Her Sit Down And Starts Giving Her A Bath. Other Side Shiva Jumps In The River And Takes A Bath. Malini Rubs Sidhi’s Body To Wash Off.
Sidhi Is Sitting On Her Bed. She Tells Her Parents That Shiva Kidnapped Her. Ishwar Says Shiva? Why? Malini Asks If She Is Fine? Did He Do Something Wrong With You? Sidhi Says Nothing Happened, He Just Locked Me In A Dark Cell. Sagar Says Why Would He Do It? Sidhi Says I Filed An FIR Against Him. Malini Says What FIR? She Asks Ishwar If He Knew All That? Ishwar Looks Away. Malini Says You Knew It And Didn’t Tell Me? What Was The Complaint About? Are You Crazy. Sidhi Says He Misbehaved With A Girl So I Complained Against Him, I Saw Him On The Road Holding That Girl’s Dupatta, She Didn’t File An FIR So I Did. I Even Asked Baba. Ishwar Says Yes I Told Her To Not Be Silent Against Cruelty. Sagar Says I Didn’t Know Anything, I Wouldn’t Have Let Sidhi Do It, She Was Getting Married And Doing All This? Malini Asks Sidhi If She Didn’t Care About Her Wedding? Your House Was Getting Destroyed While You Were Saving Others? If I Knew It Then I Would Have Begged Shiva To Give Sidhi Back, Then Baraat Wouldn’t Have Left. Ishwar Says I Didn’t Know She Complained Against Shiva. If I Knew It Then I Would Have Gone To Shiva Too. Malini Says This Is Your Upbringing, You Encouraged Her To Complain Against Him. Sidhi Says It Was My Decision To Complain Against Him, It Was About A Girl’s Respect. I Couldn’t Stop Myself. Malini Says Then Forget Your Wedding, Go Out And Campaign For Women’s Safety. You Never Thought Who Are These People You Are Trying To Fight With? If That Shiva Can Misbehave With A Girl In Front Of All Then He Could Have Done Anything With You In A Closed Room. Ishwar Says Enough, Think What She Has Gone Through. Malini Says I Was So Worried For Her But She Did All This For Some Other Girl? She Didn’t Think About Her Family? Vineet Comes There And Says Gaurav Is Here. Sidhi Looks On. Malini And Ishwar Go From There.

Ishwar Tells Gaurav That Sidhi Is Back. Gaurav Says I Have Come To Talk To Her Alone. Ishwar Says Okay, He Asks Her To Go Into Her Room. Gaurav Goes.
Gaurav Comes To Sidhi’s Room And Asks What Happened? Sidhi Says I Was Kidnapped When I Was Sleeping. Gaurav Says It’s Not About One Day, We Have Never Hidden Anything From Each Other But You Had Been Fighting Against That Guy And You Didn’t Tell Me? Sidhi Says I Didn’t Have A Network. Gaurav Says We Did Talk Many Times But You Never Told Me. Sidhi Says You Think I Was Hiding Something? Gaurav Says You Filed A Complaint Against Shiva But You Didn’t Tell Me, That Shiva Mistakenly Applied Sindoor To You But Then You Went The Next Day To The Police Station To Get Him Arrested, You Never Told Me Anything About It, Why? Sidhi Says I Tried To Tell You But We Were Busy, Don’t You Trust Me? Gaurav Kisses Her Hand And Says I Trust You, My Parents Have Left But I Am Still Here For You. I Just Don’t Understand What’s The Truth? Sidhi Says The Truth Is That He Locked Me In A Cell For A Day And Nothing Else. Gaurav Says He Misbehaved With A Girl In The Middle Of The Road But He Locked You In A Room And Never Did Anything With You? He Is A Young Guy And He Didn’t Try Anything With A Young Girl That He Kidnapped? You Can Tell Me The Truth And We Will Try To Save This Relationship. Sidhi Cries And Says I Thought The Whole World Can Question Me But You Would Stand With Me. Gaurav Says I Am Still Trying To Save This Relationship So Tell Me The Truth. Sidhi Says When Nothing Happened Then What Should I Tell You? He Didn’t Even Touch Me But It Seems Like You Wanted Something To Happen With Me, So You Can Accept Me And Become A Great Man For Society. Gaurav Says I Am Trying To Save This Relationship But It Seems Like You Are Hiding Something, You Keep Going Away From Me. I Don’t Have Anything More To Say. He Starts To Leave But Sidhi Tells Him That She Is Not Hiding Anything From Him, She Says I Love You So I Won’t Hide Anything. Gaurav Says I Just Had Some Questions But It Seems Like You Don’t Want To Answer. He Leaves From There. Gaurav Leaves The House. Sidhi Runs Behind Him But Narpat Comes There And Says I Prayed For You. He Says We Will Fight For Justice, How Could They Kidnap A Girl From Our Village. Ishwar Thanks Him For Coming Here But We Don’t Want To Drag This, We Won’t File A Complaint With The Police. Narpat Says Don’t Worry, I Am With You, We Will Fight Against The Enemy. Sidhi Says I Will File An FIR. Ishwar Is Stunned.

Sidhi, Sagar And Ishwar Come To The Police Station. They Find A New Inspector There. The Inspector Says Your Daughter Is Back? Narpat Comes There And Says You Couldn’t Do Anything So We Had To Protect Her. Sidhi Says I Was Kidnapped, I Was Sleeping In My Room But I Don’t Know How I Reached That Cell, He Must Have Made Me Unconscious. Does The Inspector Ask Who Was The Abductor? She Says Shiva Lashkare. Shiva Arrives There. Sidhi Glares At Him. Shiva Greets The Inspector And Eyes Sidhi.

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