Bawara Dil 3rd March 2021 Written Episode

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Yogita Tells Ishwar That He Can’t Insult Them Like This. She Tells Gaurav To Go Back And Sit In The Car. She Asks The Priest To Stop All Rituals, There Will Be No Wedding Now. Gaurav Looks On. Yogita Tells The Guests That Today Is Ishwar’s Respect’s Death. Saru Says We Are Looking For Sidhi, Don’t Worry. Yogita Says Like She Is A Baby And Got Lost, Don’t Know With Whom She Has Run Away. Sagar Says Enough, My Sister Didn’t Run Away With Anyone, She Is Our Pride. Yogita Says Then Where Is She Right Now? Gaurav Says Don’t Know Where She Went. Yogita Says She Is A Shameless Girl, She Had Someone Else’s Sindoor And Don’t Know With Whom She Is Having A Wedding Night. Gaurav Says Enough, She Is Not Like That, He Asks Sagar Where Is Sidhi? Sagar Says She Has Been Missing Since Morning. Gaurav Says Why Didn’t You Tell Me? I Would Have Helped To Find Her. Yogita Says Let’s Go From Here, There Is Nothing To Talk About.
Sidhi Is Locked In The Cell And Cries Recalling Her Father’s Words That She Is Growing Up Fast.
Ishwar Tells Gaurav’s Parents That Give Us Time And We Will Find Sidhi, Sidhi Loves Gaurav And Wanted To Marry Him. Yogita Says Then She Wouldn’t Have Run Away Like This, Malini Says I Am Requesting You To Give Us Some Time, We Have A Relationship. Yogita Says Even If Sidhi Returns As She Is Impure Now. Gaurav Says What Are You Saying? Yogita Says If You Don’t Come With Me Then You Will See Me Dead, She Drags Gaurav From There. Ishwar Falls Down Seeing That.

Sidhi Is Crying In The Cell And Says Please Find Me Gaurav.Akka Bai Comes To Her House. Bhavin Is Stunned To See Her And Says You Are Here Today? Akka Bai Says You Are Heartbroken To See Me Here? She Says This Is My House So I Can Come Here Anytime I Want. Bai Says Today Was Masterji’s Daughter’s Wedding, Did You Take Photos Of The Palanquin That We Gave Her? Bhavin Says She Didn’t Get Married As Masterji’s Daughter Ran Away. Akka Bai Says That’s Wrong, She Tells Bhavin That You Could Have Called Me, We Need To Find Happiness In The Sadness Of These People. She Asks Him To Call Shiva, Tell Him That I Have Some Work. Bhavin Nods And Leaves. Akka Bai Thinks Masterji’s Daughter Is This Village’s Daughter Too.
Sidhi Is Locked In The Cell And Hears Some Noises. Some Food Is Thrown From The Window. Sidhi Asks Who Are You? Why Have You Locked Me In This Room? What Do You Want? Do You Want Money? You Can Take Anything But Please Let Me Go, My Parents Must Be Worried. It Was My Wedding Today, She Screams For Someone To Help Her.

Yogita Tells Her Family That How Will We Answer Our Guests Now? People Will Laugh At Us, We Had To Come Back Without The Bride. Yogita Packs Her Bags. Gaurav Says What Are You Doing? I Can’t Leave Right Now, I Trust Sidhi Completely And I Won’t Leave Till I See Sidhi Myself. Yogita Says What? Gaurav Says I Am Not Leaving.
Vineet Brings The Police To Ishwar’s House. It’s Some New Inspector. The Inspector Tells Ishwar That You Couldn’t Handle Your Daughter? Ishwar Says Sidhi Has Been Missing Since Morning. Gaurav Comes There And Says I Am With You All, I Am Not Leaving Till We Find Sidhi. The Inspector Asks Who Is This Guy? Ishwar Says He Was Going To Marry Sidhi. The Inspector Asks If Sidhi Was Forced For This Marriage? Gaurav Says Sidhi And I Love Each Other, We Met Last Night. The Inspector Asks If They Fought Last Night? He Says No, She Was Happy. The Inspector Asks How Many Boyfriends She Had? Gaurav Says She Had No One Else In Her Life. The Inspector Asks If She Had Any Lover? Gaurav Says She Had No Lover. Sagar Asks The Inspector To Not Ask Cheap Questions. The Inspector Says It’s The Procedure. Some Other Politician Comes There And Tells The Inspector That Ishwar Is Our Guru So Don’t Ask Some Questions Which Will Embarrass Him. He Tells Ishwar That Sidhi Is Like My Sister, I Will Find Her So Don’t Worry. Narpat Is Here For You. He Tells The Inspector That Akka Bai Must Be This Village’s Mother But I Am A Father Of This Village, I Will Find Sidhi Tai. The Inspector Says You Will Teach Me How To Do My Duty? Narpat Says It’s A Request But You Know I Can Spin Things Around. The Inspector Tells Ishwar That He Will Be Informed If They Find Her. Narpat Tells Ishwar That I Will Find Her. Ishwar Says Don’t Know How This Happened, I Just Want Sidhi To Come Back.

Malini Wakes Sidhi Up And Says Today Is Your Wedding So Get Ready. Sidhi Wakes Up And Says I Saw A Bad Dream, I Was Locked In A Cell And Nobody Could Hear Me. Gaurav Says I Am With You, I Won’t Let You Be Away From Me, Today Is Our Wedding So Don’t Dream Like This. Ishwar Laughs At Her For Seeing Such Bad Dream. They All Laugh. Sidhi Says Why Are They Laughing? I Am Scared… Sidhi Looks Around And Sees That She Is Still Locked In The Cell And It Was Her Dream. The Cell Door Opens And Shiva Enters There. Sidhi Is Shocked To See Him.

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