Bawara Dil 2nd April 2021 Written Full Episode

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Vijaya Asking Siddhi What Is She Thinking About. She Asks Her To Go For The Dev Darshan With Respect And Faith. Yashwant Makes Siddhi Sit With Shiva In His Jeep. He Asks Soni To Keep Them Together. He Says That He Has To Go To Work So He Will Stay Here But Asks Everyone To Leave Without Delay.
Shiva Takes The Long Route Instead Of Taking A Shortcut. He Was Driving Rash So Siddhi Stops Him And Says That She Has No Intentions To Die. Shiva Gets Out Of The Jeep And Yells At The Tempo Driver As He Has Stopped The Tempo In Between Of The Road. The Old Driver Tells Him That He Is Not Able To Get It Started. Shiva Asks Him To Sit On The Steering, He Says That He Will Push The Tempo Alone. He Tries But Fails To Move The Tempo Finally Siddhi Comes To His Aid And They Finally Move The Tempo. The Drives Thanks Them And Give Good Luck Money To Siddhi. Siddhi Yells At Shiva For Not Telling The Driver That She Also Helped Him.
They All Meet At The Temple. Mangla Is Surprised To See That Shiva Is Not Wearing His Kurta. Soni Teases Them And Asks What Happened And Why Are You Not Wearing Any Kurta. Shiva Asks Him To Go Inside The Temple. Soni Tells Them That The Newly Married Have To Climb The Stairs With Their One Leg Tied To Each Other. It’s An Old Tradition She Says. Mangala Says That Its Not Compulsory But Soni Insists And Says That She Can Call Baba If He Wants. He Says No Need And Agrees To Perform The Ritual. Their Legs Are Tied Together As They Climb The Stairs. Siddhi Gives Up In The Middle And Says That She Cannot Do It Anymore As She Is Falling Again And Again And She Wants To Stay Away From You. So Do I, Says Shiva But We Will Have To Complete This Ritual In Order To Stay Away From Each Other. They Finally Devise A Plan And Move Forward On The Stairs.
They Bot Reach The Temple And Pray To God To Keep Them Away From Each Other. A Pandit Meets Them Outside The Temple And Says That He Has Seen Their Footprints. He Says That They Are Made For Each Other But A Greh Dosh Is Stopping Them From Being United. He Asks If He Can See Their Hands. Siddhi And Shiva Resist But As Usual, Soni Insists And Hence They Agree. Pandit Ji Continues And Says That Their Marriage Was Made In Heaven And Soon They Will Fall In Love With Each Other.
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