Bawara Dil 25th February 2021 Written Episode

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Sidhi Goes To The Girl And Covers Her With A Dupatta. She Says Let’s Go. The Girl Cries As People Are Making Her Videos. Sidhi Takes Her From There.

Sidhi Brings The Harrassed Girl To A Shop And Buys Water For Her. Sidhi Sees Scratches On Her Arms. The Girl Tells That It Wasn’t My Fault. Sidhi Says I Understand You, What Happened With You Was Wrong. She Hugs The Girl And Cries With Her. Sidhi Says I Wish Someone Could Stop That From Happening But Everything Will Be Fine. Sidhi Says To Tell Your Parents Everything And File A Police Complaint. The Girl Says No.. That Man.. I Just Want To Go Home. Sidhi Hugs Her And Takes Her Home.

Sidhi Is Going Home And Recalls Everything That Happened. She Recalls How Shiva Was Holding That Girl’s Dupatta. Sidhi Comes Home And Hugs Her Father. He Asks What Happened? Why Are You Crying? Will You Miss Us After The Wedding? Sidhi Cries. Sagar Asks Sidhi To Not Be Sad, You Are Getting Married. He Gifts Her Tamarind And Sidhi Smiles. She Goes With Him.

At Night Time, Sidhi Is Calling Gaurav But Doesn’t Get Network Reception. She Recalls The Incident And Tries To Control Her Anger. Sidhi’s Father Comes To Her And Asks Why She Is So Sad? Sidhi Says I Couldn’t Call Gaurav That’s Why. Her Father Says Don’t Lie To Me, I Am Your Father. Sidhi Hugs Him And Says I Saw Some Very Bad Incident Today. Her Father The Incident That Happened Near The Market? Sidhi Says That Girl Was Crying, She Was Harassed But No One Came To Help Her. I Helped That Girl And I Told Her To File An FIR But She.. You Know Who Was The Culprit? She Is About To Tell Him But Malini Comes There And Says I Am Doing All The Work In This House. He Says I Have Arranged Everything. I Have Booked A Car Too. Sidhi Says Why A Car? Malini Says We Can’t Send You With Your Husband Without A Car. Her Father Says That I Agree With Your Ayi On This. Sidhi Says I Won’t Go In A Decorated Car. Her Father Says Then I Will Ask For A Palanquin. Malini Tells Sidhi That She Has To Tie A Sacred Thread To Protect Her From Evils. Sidhi Murmurs If These Threads Could Protect Then That Wouldn’t Have Happened With The Girl. Her Father Tells Her That What Happened Was Wrong, We Shouldn’t Be Silent Against Cruelty And As For Protection, Our Inner Strength Is Our Protection. He Asks Her To Go Inside And Take A Rest.

In The Morning, A Girl Tells Sidhi That Someone Came To Meet Her. Sidhi Sees A Man Outside The House. He Says I Am An Inspector. Sidhi Says Why Are You Here? He Says You Helped The Girl Who Was Harassed Yesterday But Neither You Nor Her Filed A Complaint. Sidhi Says She Didn’t Want To. He Says That The Girl’s Family Is New In This Village But You Can Help To Clean This Village Of Goons. Sidhi Says I Would Have Come But I Am Getting Married In 2 Days. He Says You Will Get Married And That Girl Might Commit Suicide. Only You Can Help Her, If You Take Out Some Time From The Celebrations Then That Girl Might Get Some Justice. Sidhi Looks On.

Sidhi’s Wedding Function Is Going On, All Women Ask Malini To Dance. Sidhi Tries To Act Happy But Can’t. She Sees A Big Car Stopping By. All Are Surprised To See Akka Bai Getting Out Of The Car. Akka Bai Says I Had To Come. Sidhi’s Father Says You Here? Bai Says Keep Playing The Songs, Let’s Dance. She Sings With Malini, All Laugh. Bai Sits There And Asks Them To Play Songs. A Woman Asks If She Can Dance With Them? Bai Says What Did You Say? The Woman Gets Scared. Bai Says I Can Dance But People Would Say That This Teacher Made Me Dance And They Won’t Vote For Me Anymore. All Look On. Bai Laughs And Says I Was Joking, You All Should Laugh. Bai Says I Do Politics And I Can’t Dance For 5 Years, I Would Have Danced Like It Was My Daughter Getting Married If I Was Not An MLA Right Now. She Asks Where Is The Bride? Sidhi Comes Forward And Introduces Herself. Bai Says She Is Pretty, She Tells Her Father Masterji That She Went To Study In The City? Sidhi Nods. Bai Says Your Culture Must Be To Say Hello Hi? Malini Hints Sidhi So She Touched Her Feet. Bai Blesses Her And Gifts Her Some Jewelry. Masterji Says It Was Not Required. Bai Says God Has Sent This, I Am Just A Sender. Sidhi Accepts Her Gift. Bai Says Don’t Think I Am Doing All This For The Next Elections. She Asks Her Manager Bhavin To Bring It. All Family Members Look On As Her Servants Start Bringing The Palanquin. They Can’t Hold It So Shiva Comes There And Holds The Palanquin. Sidhi Gets Angry Seeing His Face. Bai Says Nobody Can Compete With Shiva. Bai Tells Masterji That Sidhi Will Go Away In The Palanquin Only As This Is Our Ritual. Shiva Smiles At Bai. Bai Blesses Sidhi And Says You Will Go Far Ahead In Life. Bai Greets Everyone. She Smiles At Shiva And Leaves From There. Shiva Comes To Masterji And Touches His Feet. He Looks At Sidhi. Shiva Tells Masterji That I Will Attend Your Daughter’s Wedding And I Will Raise Her Palanquin, Your Guests Won’t Be Able To Pick It Up So I Will Be There, Just Remember To Give Me Food. He Leaves From There. Sidhi Is Disgusted Seeing His Face. Sagar Says Akka Bai Has Honored Us With This Luxurious Palanquin. Sidhi Recalls The Incident And Says Throw This Palanquin Away, I Will Not Step In This Palanquin. All Are Shocked.

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