Bawara Dil 23rd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Yashwant Sees The Gathbandhan And Pulls It Out Of The Rubble. He Says That The Relation Though Fueled By Hatred Will Remain. Its Immortal And Won’t Be Harmed By Any Emotion Or Materialistic Obstacle. On The Other Hand, The Politician Advises Akka Bai To Handle Everything As If Shiva Is Proved Guilty Then He Won’t Be Able To Save Her. He Adds That It Seems Like Her Time Is Not Right. Shiva’s Mother Lashes Out At Akka Bai For Not Protecting His Son. Akka Bai Asks Her To Prepare For The Greha Pravesh Of The New Bride. She Denise And Says That Siddhi Will Never Enter Her House As She Is The Sole Reason For Shiva’s Trouble.
Aai Decides Not To Leave Her Daughter Siddhi In That Home. He Is Advised That The Marriage Is Done And They Can’t Take Siddhi Back. Siddhi’s Father Asks For Her Opinion. Malini Asks Isn’t It Too Late For Asking Her Opinion. She Adds That You Should Have Said No To The Marriage Earlier When It Was Time. Akka Bai Intervenes And Says That Shiva Is Innocent And She Is Married To Shiva Now. Siddhi Will Have To Accept Shiva As Her Husband Or The There Will Be Dire Consequences. Yashwant Says That He Will Save Siddhi’s Family If Need Be.
Shiva Is Interrogated In The Police Station. He Is Threatened That If He Do Not Commit His Crime Then They Will Use Third Degree On Him. On The Other Hand, Yashwant Supports Siddhi’s Family And Asks Akka Bai To Get Out Of There. Akka Bai Reminds Him That This Whole Preparation And Shiva’s Success Is Because Of Akka Bai. Yashwant Says That You Are Helping Shiva Because Of Your Own Benefit. Shiva’s Mother Who Is Still Adamant Says She Won’t Allow Siddhi To Enter Her House. Yashwant Disregards Her And Tries To Convince Siddhi’s Family That Shiva Might Be A Goon But Will Never Kill An Innocent Being. He Says That He Has Seen The Soft Side Of SHiva And He Knows That He Will Have Siddhi In His Life With Honor. He Adds That Siddhi Will Not Go To This Palace But My Own Home And I Won’t Entertain Any More Debates. Enough! He Says.
Yashwant Takes Siddhi To His House And Tells Her That I Started My Life From This Home. Both Soni And Shiva Were Born Here. He Says That Time Is Mighty But The Strength In A Human Is Even Mightier Than It. Everything Will Be Fine He Says. Siddhi Enters The House With The Rituals Of Greh Pravesh. Son Welcomes Siddhi Into The House.
At The Police Station, Shiva Is Mercilessly Beaten To Admit His Crimes. Yashwant Comes To Save Him. The Police Ask Who He Is, He Says I Am His Father. Yashwant Says That He Trusts Him That He Is Not Guilty And He Is Here To Support Him. He Says That His Son Is Made Up Of Steel And Asks Him To Stay Strong. Shiva Says That It’s Long Since You Placed Your Hand On My Head. Now No One Can Harm Me. He Asks If Yashwant Trusts Him. Yashwant Shows Him The Rice And Asks Him To Touch Them. He Says That These Rice Grains Are Feet Of Her Better Half And Everything Will Be Fine From Now Onwards. He Once Again Reminds Him To Stay Strong.
Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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