Bawara Dil 23rd February 2021 Written Episode

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A Celebration Is Going On In The Village Rudrak. Sidhi’s Friends Enter The Village And Think That The Celebrations Are Going On For Sidhi’s Father. A Queen Enters The Venue. They All Chant For Akka Bai. Mai Greets Everyone And She Is A Politician. A Poor Man Brings A Garland For Her But Bai Tells His Manager That You Know I Hate Poor People And Their Smell. The Manager Takes The Garland From The Poor Man.

A Wedding Celebration Is Going On In Sidhi’s House. Sidhi’s Father Tells His Friend That I Am Trying To Manage Everything But I Have Limited Funds. The In-Laws Have Said That They Will Bring 25 More Guests So How Will I Arrange Money? His Friend Says Your Only Solution Is Shiva. Sidhi’s Father Says That Akka Bai’s Son Is A Goon. His Friend Says You Have To Find A Solution.

Shiva Is Introduced. His Friends Are Cheering For Him To Break His Record By Jumping In The River. Shiva Runs And Jumps In The River. His Friend Counts Seconds As He Stays Underwater. He Says Shiva Broke His Record By Staying Underwater For 4 Minutes. They See Shiva Not Coming Up And Get Tensed. They Scream For Him And Shiva Rises Again From The Water. All Cheer For Him. All Rush To Shiva. His Friend Says You Stayed More Than 4 Minutes Underwater, Nobody Can Beat You. Shiva Asks Them To Stop, He Says Even If God Requests For Me To Lose Then I Will Not Accept It But If Someone Touches My Heart Then I Can Do Anything For Them.

Akka Bai Asks Where Is Sardar? Bai’s Manager Bhavik Calls Him But He Is Drinking In The Car And Cuts His Call. Sardar Enters The Venue. He Is Drunk And Stumbles But Bai Grabs Him. She Tells Him That His Face Should Be Glowing In Front Of The Audience. She Tells Him That I Want You To Have Power But You Act Like A Worm. Sardar Says You Have Made That Worm Shiva A Pious Man So I Have Become A Sardar For Namesake Only.

Shiva Takes Blessing From Sidhi’s Father As He Enters The Mandir. Sidhi’s Father Says That My Daughter Is Getting Married But I Can’t Do Arrangements For The In-Laws. Shiva Asks How Many People? He Says More Than 25 People. Shiva Asks His Friend To Empty The Guesthouse For His Guests. Sidhi’s Father Says Thank You So Much. Shiva Says You Are A Teacher In This Village So I Respect You. Sidhi’s Father Asks How Much The Rent Will Be? Shiva Says Nothing, You Have Blessed Me Today And You Have Touched My Heart So I Promise You That I Will Do Everything For You. Sidhi’s Father Thanks Him. Shiva Tells Him That Let Your In-Laws Come From Pune And We Will Show Them What Celebrations Mean. Shiva Leaves. Sidhi’s Father Prays To God For Sidhi.

Sidhi Is Introduced, She Is Playing With The Kids. Chalka Re Plays As She Runs With The Kids And Laughs. Sidhi Tells The Kids That Today Is My Last Day With You All. The Kids Say No. Sidhi Says My Father Will Come To Teach You All, I Am Going To Pune As I Am Getting Married There. The Kid Says If You Marry Me Then You Won’t Have To Go To Pune. Sidhi Laughs. Sidhi Says We Will Stay Together In One Way. She Says Let’s Take A Selfie. She Takes A Selfie With Them But Her Ayi Comes There And Scolds Her. Sidhi Says I Was Taking My Father’s Class Today. Ayi Says I Asked You To Make Rotis And You Have Burned Them All. She Tells Sidhi That I Will Make You Learn How To Make Rotis. All Kids Run Away. Sidhi’s Father Comes There And Asks What Happened? Ayi Asks Him To Move Away. Sidhi Whispers To Her Father That She Is Behind Me Because I Burned Rotis. Ayi Says She Can’t Burn Rots In Her In-Laws’ House. Sidhi Says Gaurav Won’t Care. Sidhi’s Father Says If My Daughter Comes Back From Her Inlaws Then I Will Assume That They Didn’t Understand Her Talents. Ayi Gets Emotional And Says If Sidhi Cries In Her Inlaws House Then You Will Be Hurt For Her. She Tells Him That This Is The Ritual, Daughters Are Guests In Parents’ House. Ayi Wipes Her Tears. Sidhi Tries To Run But Ayi Grabs Her And Says I Will Make You Cook Rotis Today.

Ayi Is Teaching Sidhi How To Make Rotis, Her Finger Burns And Sidhi Gets Worried For Her But Ayi Tells Her That Rotis Become Sweet When My Finger Burns. Sidhi Laughs. Ayi Says I Will Go To Mandir With You. Sidhi Says You Can Handle Things Here, I Will Go To Mandir And Will Do All Rituals There. Ayi Tells Her That I Won’t Be With You After Your Wedding So You Have To Take Care Of Yourself, Gaurav’s Mother Will Be Your Mother From Now On. Sidhi Says No Can Take Your Place. Ayi Says I Am Worried For You, Your Inlaws Are Rich And Have A Big House In The City So How Will You Handle Things There? Sidhi Says Gaurav Will Be With Me, He Won’t Leave Me Alone. I Know You Are Worried That I Will Not Keep Your Honor.. She Promises Roti That I Will Never Do Anything Which Will Bring Shame To You. Sidhi’s Sister Comes There So Ayi Asks Them To Go To The Mandir.

Sidhi Gets Ready To Go To Mandir. Ayi Tells Her To Do All The Rituals. Sidhi Says I Remember Everything So Don’t Worry. Ayi Says You Forgot One Thing, She Tells Her That Only You And Your Would-Be Husband Can Touch This Diya. Nobody Else Should Touch It. Sidhi Nods And Starts To Leave But Her Friends Arrive There. His Friends Say That We Want To Go To The Mandir With You. They All Leave.

Sidhi Tells Her Friend That I Told Ayi That If I Keep A Fast For Gaurav Then He Should Keep A Fast For Me Too But Then Ayi Told Me The Importance Of This Fast. I Thought If Sati Can Do So Much For Her Husband Then Can’t I Keep A Simple Fast? So I Decided To Fast. They Come In The Mandir And Sidhi Lights Diya There.

Sidhi Tells Her Friend That Her Life Will Be Happy After Marriage. Her Friend Says Then Why Do You Need This Diya? Sidhi Says This Is For My Ayi, Her Prayers Are In This Diya And My Prayers Are With My Ayi.

Sidhi’s Friends Are Outside The Mandir And Their Shoes Get Stuck In The Cow-Dung. They Get Disgusted. One Friend Ashu Tears Bai’s Poster From The Wall And Cleans His Shoes With Her Poster. Shiva And His Goons Come There. One Goon Asks Why Did You Tear This Poster? Sidhi’s Other Friend Says It Was A Mistake. A Goon Tells Him To Say Sorry. Ashu Says Who Should I Say Sorry To? This Poster? Shiva Gets Angry And Grabs Him. He Tells Him That It’s Not A Poster, This Is My Mai, She Is Mai Of This Whole Village.

Sidhi’s Friend Asks Sidhi Why She Chose Gaurav? Sidhi Says He Is Like What I Would Want As My Life Partner, He Listens To Me When I Am Not Even Talking, He Would Tell Me To Not Cry When I Am Sad. Even If He Got Angry, He Would Calm Down By My Smile. If He Touches Me Then It Will Bring Sunshine In My Life.

Ashu Tells Shiva That I Won’t Say Sorry As She Is Nobody. Shiva Gets Angry And Starts Beating Him. Sidhi Comes On The Road. Shiva Is Beating Ashu. Sidhi Loses Balance And Her Diya Falls From Her Hands But Shiva Catches It In Time And Holds It In His Hands. Sidhi Is Stunned. Shiva Brings Diya To Her, Sidhi Glares At Him.

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