Bawara Dil 22nd March 2021 Written Episode Full Episode

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Sidhi Sees Gaurav In Her Room. She Rushes To Him. Gaurav Says You Look So Nice. He Asks Whose Ring Is This? Sidhi Sadly Looks At Him. Gaurav Says You Can’t Do This, You Remember That We Are Together Till Our Last Breath, Even God Can’t Take You Away From Me… It All Turns Out To Be Sidhi’s Dream. She Wipes Her Tears.
A Dead Body Is Found In The Village. Narpat Looks At The Ring On His Body And Says This Gaurav, Who Burned Him Alive? A Man Tells The Police Officer That Shiva Was Beating Gaurav In The Mandir Yesterday And Threatened To Burn Him Alive. Narpat Says He Is Behind Gaurav’s Murder.
Malini Brings Sidhi To The Mandap And Whispers To Her That Don’t Do This Mistake, Just Say No To This Wedding. Sidhi Recalls Garuav’s Harsh Words, She Looks At Shiva And Recalls All The Things He Has Done And How Her Marriage Broke Because Of Him. She Comes To Shiva. Bai Asks Shiva To Look At Her Lovingly. Shiva Goes In The Mandap. Mangal Comes There And Smiles At Sarkar. His Brother Asks Why She Is Smiling? Mangal Says This Might Not Be A Good Event But We Are Going To Gain From It. His Brother Says That You Are Playing The Real Game, You Gave Up Shiva But Took Akka Bai’s Son For Soni.
The Priest Asks Groom And Bride To Sit In The Mandap Together. Sidhi And Shiva Sit There While Ignoring Each Other. The Wedding Ceremony Starts.
Narpat Tells The Inspector That We Want Justice, I Want Shiva To Be Arrested.
The Priest Asks Sidhi To Put Her Hand In Shiva’s Hand. They Both Recall The Hatred For Each Other. Malini Looks On. Sidhi Doesn’t Put Her Hand In Shiva’s. Bai Tells Bhavin To Talk To Her, This Girl Is Not Acting Like She Is Getting Married. Bhavin Talks To Her Aunt. Sidhi’s Aunt Puts Her Hand In Shiva’s. Sidhi Recalls How Gaurav Told Her That She Is His, How Malini Said That Shiva Is An Animal, How Gaurav Blamed Sidhi For Fooling Him. The Priest Asks Them To Put In Havankund
The Police Is Investigating For The Body. Narpat Says It’s Gaurav’s Body, Shiva Killed Him So He Can Marry Sidhi.
Yashwant Is Sitting Alone In The Wedding. Soni Asks Him To Come To The Mandap. Yashwant Says Your Brother Doesn’t Need My Blessings. Soni Says Don’t Say That. Yashwant Says I Am Telling The Truth. Just Leave Me Alone, Go And Enjoy Your Brother’s Wedding. Soni Says I Feel Weird, Like Shiva Is Not Happy With This Marriage. Yashwant Says I Am Thinking About That Girl, What She Must Be Going Through. Soni Says Just Come With Me. Yashwant Says I Will Come Later On, Soni Leaves.
Sidhi And Shiva Do The Marriage Rituals. The Priest Asks Someone To Do Gathbandan From Groom’s Side. Mangal Ties Sidhi’s Dupatta With Shiva’s. The Priest Asks Them To Stand Up For Pheras. Sidhi Doesn’t Move. Shiva Stands Up. Mangal Makes Sidhi Get Up Also. The Priest Says They Have To Repeat The Promises In Their Heart. Sidhi Stands Behind Shiva And Promises In Heart That My Life’s Aim Is To Destroy Shiva’s Life. Shiva Promises To Himself That I Will Fill Her Life With Insult For The Next 6 Months, I Will Pay Back The Insult That I Had To Go Through In The Jail. Sidhi Promises To Hate Him For Life, Shiva Promises To Never Forgive Her And Make Her Pay For Her Mistakes. Sidhi Promises That She Will Make Sure To Be A Hurdle In His Path, Fill His Life With Pain. Shiva Promises That I Will Give Her Pain Only Till She Is With Me. Sidhi Comes Forward For The Pheras. Shiva Glares At Her. Shiva Promises That This Togetherness Will Be For 6 Months Only. Sidhi Promises To Only Hate Him For Life. They Complete Pheras. Sidhi’s Pallu Catches Fire. All Are Stunned. Malini Rushes To Him. Shiva Takes Her Pally And Doses Off The Fire From His Hands While Sidhi Doesn’t Move From Her Place. Malini Thinks Don’t Know What Will Happen With My Daughter Now.
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