Barister Babu 26th February 2021 Written Episode

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Anirudh Asking Trilochan To Punish Sampoorna. He Says We Don’t Want To See Her In Front Of Our Eyes. Bondita Also Scolds Sampoorna. She Says We Will Snatch The Rights And Respect From Her. Binoy Says Enough, Listen To Me, Sampoorna’s Sisterly Relation Is Over, But She Is Still My Wife, You All May End Relation With Her, But She Is Still My Wife, She Will Not Go Anywhere, I Know This Marriage Was A Cheat, It Was My Fear, But Today, Sampoorna Has Supported Me. She Says She Stood In Front Of Me Today Like A Good Wife, Understand Anything You Want, But I Regard Her My Wife And This Family’s Bahu, She Won’t Go Anywhere From Here.

Anirudh Says Fine, She Has Cheated Us Again And Again. Sampoorna Thinks To Do Something And Fix It. She Says You Never Did This Before, You Are Habitual To Live Life On Your Dad’s Richness, You Are Also Greedy For The Richness. She Scolds Anirudh. She Says You Didn’t Earn A Rupee Till Now. Trilochan Says He Didn’t Eat Your Money, He Is Our Son, He Will Live With Luxuries, Who Are You To Ask.

Bondita Says Anirudh Thinks For Others, Everyone Worries For Own, But One Who Thinks For Others Is Great, I Understood Everything Because Of Him. Sampoorna Says Your School Fees Is Also Paid By My Husband, Did Your Husband Earn Anything Till Now, What Will He Earn, He Is A Krantikari Who Helps The Needy. Trilochan Shouts Stop It. Sampoorna Asks Anirudh To Leave The House If He Is So Proud, Go And Earn Money, Teach Bondita By His Earned Money. Sumati Cries. Sampoorna Says Its Easy To Talk, But Implementing Is Wrong. Trilochan Scolds Her And Says All This Belongs To Anirudh, I Have Made All This Property And Business For My Children.

Anirudh Says No Kaka, I Have Heard A Lot, She Didn’t Say Anything Wrong, She Is Saying Right, I Should Prove Myself, Else What Will Be The Difference Between Her And Me, I Decided That Bondita And I Will Leave This House, We Won’t Stay Here. Everyone Is Shocked. Anirudh Goes To Binoy And Says You All Will See How I Will Earn And Make Bondita Study. Tujhme Roshan ….Plays… Trilochan Worries.

Sumati Comes To Anirudh And Says I Didn’t Come To Break Your Family. He Says Its Not Because Of You. She Says Then Don’t Leave. Koyli And Bihari Ask Bondita To Convince Everyone, Else The Family Will Break. Anirudh Says I Will Always Be This Family’s Son, I Have A Strong Relation With Everyone, I M Going To Prove Myself. Sumati Says You Can Stay Here And Prove Yourself. He Says No, Its Time That I Make Bondita Study On My Expenses, I M Not Leaving The House, I Want To Return Home With Pride, Come With Us. She Says No, I Can’t Burden You More. He Says Bondita Is My Responsibility. She Says I M Glad That Bondita Is With You, Forgive Me For This, Permit Me To Leave. Bondita Says I Should Go With Anirudh, Don’t Worry For Him. Sumati Also Consoles Bondita. Bondita Hugs Her And Cries. Anirudh And Bondita Leave. Bihari Cries And Asks Trilochan To Stop Them. Trilochan Cries.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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