Barister Babu 23rd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Anirudh Posing As A Dacoit. He Faints Down Manorama. Pandit Asks Them To Leave, The Dacoit Will Marry The Bride Now, He Will Kill Everyone Who Comes In His Way. Sampoorna Says We Should Not Risk Our Lives Because Of Them, We Should Go. Bondita Looks On. Trilochan Takes Her Along. Everyone Goes. Manorama’s Parents Ask Them To Save Her. Bondita Says Maybe Anirudh Had Gone To Take Help For Manorama. Bondita Waits For Him. She Says If He Gets Late, Then Rounds May Start. She Sees The Gang Of Dacoits There. She Doubts Them. He Prepares For A Slingshot. Trilochn Asks Her What Is She Doing. She Hits One Of The Dacoit Effigy. It Falls Down. She Says That’s Not The Dacoit, But Potatoes, That Dacoit Is Alone, He Has No Gang With Him, We Can Fight Him And Stop Him From Marrying Manorama. Anirudh Gets Worried. Trilochan Stops The Marriage. Trilochan Shouts What Do You Think, You Will Fool Me. He Goes To Remove The Veil. He Gets Shocked Seeing Anirudh In Disguise. Everyone Looks On Shocked.
Manorama Gets Conscious. Anirudh And Manorama Get Taunted By The Society People. The Men Scold Anirudh For Kidnapping A Woman And Marrying Her. The Ladies Also Scold Him. Trilochan Is Shocked. Anirudh Argues. He Asks Did I Ask Anything To Keep Any Expectations From Me Or Regard Me A Great Man, No, Right, Then I Request You All To Just Regard Me A Human. Sampoorna Smiles.
Anirudh Says I Will Do What My Principles Tell Me To Do, I Don’t Do What The Society Wants Me To Do, What The Society Expects Me To Do. He Ties The Gathbandhan. Bondita Gets Shocked. She Stops Him And Says No, You Can’t Marry Anyone Else. He Says No One Can Stop Me Today, Not Even You. He Asks Pandit To Start The Pheras. Anirudh And Manorama Take The Wedding Rounds. Bondita Look On Shocked. She Cries And Gets Dizzy. She Faints Down. Everyone Looks On Worried. Anirudh Feels Bad For Bondita. Later, Bondita Is At Home.
She Wakes Up From The Sleep. She Shouts No. She Recalls Anirudh’s Marriage. She Drinks Some Water. She Sits Praying. She Says Don’t Show Such A Day To Me Ever. Koyli Asks What Happened. Bihari Asks Is Everything Fine. She Says I Had Seen A Bad Dream, Anirudh Has Married Manorama, Don’t Know How I See All Such Bad Dreams, Anirudh Has His Principles, He Said That A Man Doesn’t Deserve To Be Called A Husband If He Marries Someone Else. She Goes To See Everyone. She Asks Don’t We Have To Go In The Marriage. She Sees The Grahpravesh Kalash At The Door. She Says Is My Dream True, I Will Go And Ask Anirudh Right Away. She Sees The Foot Prints Going To Anirudh’s Room. She Worries.
Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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