Barister Babu 19th February 2021 Written Episode

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Anirudh Saying Its Wrong. His Imagination Ends. She Says I Got The Food, How Is It Wrong, Everyone Has To Eat Food, Its Tasty And Healthy. She Says I M Doing A Wife’s Right, Its My Dharm To Serve You. He Says You Will Not Come To My Room And Get Food For Me, Stop Calling Me Pati Bahu. She Asks Why Can’t I Come To Your Room And Call You Pati Bahu, You Aren’t Answering Me And Taunting Me, Why Does My Presence Trouble You, Answer Me. He Says Stop It Now, Don’t Call Me Pati Bahu, Please, Remember It, There Is Some Reason. He Makes Her Out Of The Room And Shuts The Door. She Shouts Tell Me My Mistake, Why Did You Change Your Behavior, I Will Not Go Anywhere Until You Answer Me, If You Are Adamant, Then I M More Adamant. Rishta Tera Mera….Plays….

She Sits Outside The Door. He Also Cries Inside The Room. He Opens The Door And Sees Her. She Sleeps Outside. He Goes Back And Says I Can’t Explain You Why Am I Doing This. Its Morning, Sampoorna Does Preparations For The Rasam. Trilochan Says I Think She Really Changed, She Is Doing A Good Bahu’s Duty. Binoy And Trilochan Look On. Trilochan Goes. Sampoorna Goes To Binoy And Says Now Trilochan Has Also Seen My Change, Trust Me, I Want Your Betterment, I M Ready To Do Anything, Give Me A Chance To Win Your Trust. Binoy Goes. Bondita Wakes Up And Looks For Anirudh. She Asks Koyli And Bihari About Him. Bihari Says Anirudh Has Gone To Village To Bring Your Mum. Binoy Worries And Says But She Has Gone On Tirat, Right. Bihari Says Anirudh Said He Doesn’t Trust Mama, He Will Go To Village And See If Sumati Is There. Trilochan Says Its Good If Sumati Comes, She Can Explain Bondita About Her New Married Life’s Duties. Bondita Thinks I M Happy, Mum Will Explain Anirudh His Duties. Anirudh Comes To Sumati’s House And Sees Its Locked. He Says Where Did She Go. He Asks A Lady About Sumati, She Went To Tirat With Villagers. She Says I Also Went There, We All Came Back, Sumati Also Came Back With Us. Anirudh Recalls Mama’s Words.

Bondita Gets Ready. The Girl Says Whatever Happens After This Rasam Isn’t Good, All The Happiness Goes Away. Bondita Says What Happens, The Uptan Is Smelling Good. The Lady Says You Will Have Good Fragrance. Bondita Doesn’t Understand. The Lady Says You Have To Stay With Anirudh In His Room, You Will Become His Wife Completely, Have Some Shyness, Don’t Get Scared Of Him, You Have To Understand His Love. Bondita Laughs.

The Lady Says Its Your Duty To Listen To Him. Bondita Says Koyli, I Didn’t Understand Them, I Will Laugh If They Are Laughing. Anirudh Asks Where Will I Find Sumati. The Lady Says She Went To Tulsipur To Give Money For The Mango Farm, She Didn’t Return, We Thought She Has Stayed In Her Daughter’s House. He Thinks. Sampoorna Thinks To Go To Sumati Before Anirudh Finds Her. Trilochan Asks Her To Go To Bondita, Explain Her What A Wife Has To Do After The Rasams. Sampoorna Goes.

Thakur Comes Home And Greets Trilochan. Thakur Says I Was Going To Rangoon For Donating Money At The Ashram, I Thought To Meet You, I Got This Wedding Gift For Binoy. Sampoorna Asks Bondita Not To Remove Ghunghat After She Goes To The Room. Bondita Asks Why, How Will I See That I Look Beautiful. Sampoorna Thinks I Got Stuck Here. The Lady Says Anirudh Will Lift Your Ghunghat. Bondita Asks What’s Special Today, He Will See My Glowing Face Today, I Can Have Rasgullas Also. Sampoorna Asks Her To Give Him A Milk Glass. Bondita Says No, I Will Give Him A Cup Of Coffee. Sampoorna Says Its A Rasam. Bondita Says I Will Drink The Milk. The Ladies Laugh. Sampoorna Scolds Her. Bondita Asks Why Are You Getting Angry, Is Everything Fine. Sampoorna Says Yes, I Will Go To Check Flowers. Anirudh Says This Can’t Happen That Sumati Came To Tulsipur And Didn’t Meet Bondita, Something Bad Has Happened, Is She Is Some Problem.

Sampoorna Meets Mama And Mami. She Says Anirudh Will Reach Here, Then My Dream Will End. Mama Says He Will Kill Us. Sampoorna Says We Should Throw Out Sumati, You Said You Will Keep Her Here, I Have Married Binoy, End This Game Now, Bondita Would Be Waiting For Me. Mami Thinks To End The Game. The Ladies Apply Uptan To Bondita And Tease Her. Bondita Says I Will Get Full Marks From Anirudh. Thakur Says I Want A Good News Next Time When I Come. Trilochan Asks Him To Give Them A Chance To Serve Him. Thakur Agrees. He Asks Where Is Anirudh. Trilochan Says He Went Outside, He Will Come. He Thinks He Should Come Home With Sumati Soon. Bondita Talks To The Ladies. She Gets A Bath. She Sits Laughing.

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