Barister Babu 10th March 2021 Written Episode Full Update

Barister Babu 10th March 2021 Written Episode Full Update. Barrister Babu / Barrister Babu 10 March 2021 Written, Barrister Babu Today Written Episode Update, Barrister Babu Written Update 10 March 2021, Tellydunia, Written Episode, Written Update
Bondita Questioning Anirudh. Trilochan Says He May Not Answer, Its Not Wrong, I Have Read In Shastra, Relation Of Husband And Wife Is Pure. Ramanujh Says Marriage Means Such A Relation Between A Husband And A Wife. Sampoorna Asks Them To Exchange Garlands And Tell Everyone That The Relation Is Made By Heart, Not Helplessness. Anirudh Throws The Garlands. He Says Our Relation Isn’t Connected By Heart. Bondita Gets Shocked. She Asks Why Are You Lying, Our Marriage Is True. He Says I Will Repeat It For You, Our Relation Isn’t Made By Heart, We Can Have A Relation Like Husband And Wife, You Are Just My Responsibility. Bondita Asks Why Don’t You Agree, Maybe You Don’t Realize, I Have Seen The Signs When We Stayed In The Small House, I Used To Smile Thinking About You, My Cheeks Got Red Seeing You, Same Happened With You, You Made A New World For Me And Always Protected Me. She Says I Know You Also Believe This Relation, Its Our Relation Is Also Like Others. Anirudh Shouts Stop Bondita.
He Says I Did All This As Humanity. She Says You Have Given Signs That You Believe Our Relation. He Asks What Signs. She Says You Do A Lot For Me, You Agreed To Come Back Home As You Can’t See Me Upset, You Care For Me A Lot. Trilochan Says I Have Seen Your Relation, Anirudh You Have Made Food For Your Wife, You Made A Swing For Her Comfortable Sleep. Bondita Says Please Accept, I Beg You, Stop This Joke.
Anirudh Says I Didn’t Smile Thinking About You. He Recalls Manorama. He Says We Can’t Have Husband And Wife’s Relation, Try To Understand, Its A Unique Relation. She Asks How Is It Different, We Are Also Husband And Wife. He Says Yes, I Have Filled Sindoor In Your Maang, Not Because My Heart Wanted, Its A Drama, A Lie, Our Relation Is Different, Because Our Marriage Was Different. Bondita Asks What Do You Mean, Didn’t You Fill Sindoor In My Maang And Take Seven Vows, Is This Not My Sasural. Anirudh Says Yes, I Have Filled Your Maang, I Had No Way To Save You From A Bad Custom, I Had Taken Promises Of Protecting You, I M Bound To You By Responsibility, Not By Heart, I Will Always Keep That Bond, I Have Got You Educated, I Wanted You To Bring A Change In Society, You Become An Inspiration For Others, Our Marriage Was Also A Bad Custom To Stop Another Bad Custom, Nothing Else, You Are Just A Responsibility And Will Always Be, But Our Relation Doesn’t Matter To Me.
Bondita Gets Shocked. Anirudh Says Our Relation Has No Other Meaning, We Can Never Have A Husband And Wife’s Relation. He Goes. She Asks Why Is My Marriage A Bad Custom. She Cries. Sampoorna Says Because Your Marriage Was Happening With An Old Man, Not Anirudh, That Old Man Died During The Rounds, You Became A Widow Before Getting Blessed, Your Sasural People Were Going To Make You Sati. Bondita Gets Shocked. Sampoorna Says You Were Unconscious, You Don’t Know, Everyone Knows That Your Marriage Was Just A Compromise, You Were About To Get Burnt Alive, Anirudh Married You To Save Your Life, He Wanted To Save You From The Bad Custom Of Sati, He Filled Your Maang With Sindoor, Else His Marriage Was Fixed With Saudamini, He Broke His Relation Because Of You. Bondita Cries And Says No, This Isn’t True, Its A Lie.
Sampoorna Says Fine, Ask Trilochan, Anirudh Was Helpless To Take The Vows, He Didn’t Get His Wife In This House, He Got A Responsibility, A Burden That Will Ruin His Happiness, You Have Snatched His Every Happiness, He Has Done Pity On You, You Got Everything, What Did Anirudh Did, His Life Is Passing In Solving His Problems, You Should Be Thankful To Him, When You Didn’t Give Him Any Happiness Of A Wife, Then How Can You Ask For Rights. She Says Your Marriage With Anirudh Is Also Wrong, You Are Too Young, Child Marriage Is Also A Bad Custom, That’s Why Anirudh Told You So. Trilochan Shouts Enough, What’s The Need To Say The Past, Will It Benefit, Stop Saying It. Bondita Says No, This Isn’t The Truth, You All Are Lying, I Will Ask Anirudh. She Runs To Anirudh And Asks Don’t You Regard Our Marriage True, Were You Going To Marry Saudamini, Tell Me, You Married Me To Save Me From Sati Custom, Am I A Burden For You. He Shuts The Door And Window. She Shouts. She Says I Won’t Go Until You Tell The Truth, Did Sampoorna Say The Truth. He Says Leave Me Alone, Yes Sampoorna Has Said The Truth, You Are My Responsibility, Are You Done Now. Rishta Tera Mera…Plays… They Cry.
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