Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th March 2021 Written Episode

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Vikram Looks For Nandini. She’s In The Room Trying To Steal. Rajmata Asks Rani And Veer To Touch Her Rajeshwari’s Feet. Kumud Hears Noise. SHe Comes In But Nandini Hides. Kumud Leaves. Nandini Opens The Safe. She Takes Out The Money And Says It Must Be 25 Lacs.

Rajeshwari Says To Rani You Must Be Very Happy. Rani Says I Am. You Told Me No One Loves Me. I Considered That As Well But Gladly I Was Wrong. Everyone Has Accepted Me. I Am A Part Of This Family Now. Why Don’t You Accept Me As Well? I Do Everything To Make You Happy. Rajeshwari Says You Don’t Deserve To Be A Part Of Us Royals. Rajeshwari Says I Will Prove Them Wrong And Show Them The Difference In Our Worlds. I Will Make Veer Kick You Out Of Our Worlds. My Heart Will Never Melt For People Like You. Rajmata Says Rajeshwari Bring The Bangles For Rani. Rajeshwari Asks Rani For Keys. She Says Let Me Get Them From The Room.
Rajeshwari Comes To The Room. She Sees The Safe. There’s No Cash. Rajeshwari Says Where Did All The Cash Go? I Kept 25 Lacs Here Yesterday. Rajeshwari Comes Downstairs And Says 25 Lacs Are Missing From My Safe. Vikram Says Are You Sure? She Says Yes. Rajmata Says How Is That Possible? Rajeshwari Says To Rani I Gave You The Keys. It Was Your Responsibility. Did You? Veer Says Rani Sa Please.. Rani Can’t Do That. Vikram Says Bro Is Right. Rajeshwari Says Then Where Did The Cash Go From The Room? Veer Says I Know But.. Rani Says Rani Sa Is Right. I Took The Money. Everyone Is Shocked. Rajeshwari Says What Was Left In Our Love? Why Did You Steal? I Heard You Gave Fees To The Lawyer As Well. Was That The Reason? Rajmata Says You Didn’t Do Right. You Have Right On Everything In This House. This Doesn’t Suit You. Your Troubles Are Ours As Well. We Couldn’t Give You Love. Rani Says It’s Not Like That. Sanjay Says Then How Is It? You Broke Our Trust. You Should Have Asked Once. Rajmata Says I Didn’t Expect This From You. Nandini Says In Heart Rani Took All The Blame On Her For My Mistake And I Am Just Standing Here?

Everyone Leaves. Rani Cries. Veer Gives Her Tissue. He Says We Know Each Other. I Trust You. I Know You Didn’t Do Anything. I Want To Ask Why Did You Take This Blame On Yourself? Veer Says You Have To Tell Me. He Says Tell Me What Is It? I Will Leave. Rani Says You Get The Strength From People Around You. Life Becomes A Lot Better When There’s One Person Who Trusts You No Matter What. You Are That Person In My Life. Rani Says I Am Helpless, I Can’t Tell You The Entire Truth. Just Trust Me.
Nandini Calls Jai And Says I Stole In My Own House. This Is Wrong. This Is Killing Me. Rani Took The Blame. I Have To Tell Rani Sa. Jai Says That Will Increase The Problems. Rani Comes To Nandini’s Room. Rani Says You Are The Daughter Of This House. Your Parents Love You A Lot. You Could Ask Them For Money. Are You In Any Toruble? Nandini Says Why Would I Do This? This Amount Might Be Huge For You But For Us It’s Nothing. Why Would I Do This? Rani Says I Saw You Holding The Money When I Went To Take The Keys. Nandini Is Shocked. Nandini Says How Dare You To Blame Me? You Had The Keys. We All Loved You And Accepted You That Doesn’t Mean You Can Blame Us, Rani Says I Am Sorry. She Leaves. Nandini Says In Heart I Am Sorry Bhabhi Sa. This Isn’t Right. I Have To Talk To Jia.

Jai Meets Nandini. He Says Don’t Take The Stress. I Am Always With You. Nandini Says No This Isn’t Right. I Stole In My Own House. Rani Is Being Blamed. She Took The Blame So No One Questions Me. This Is Wrong. He Says We Will Figure Out. Nandini Says Mom Will Find Out. What If Rani Tells Everyone? He Says No One Will Know Anything. I Will Arrange The Money And Give It Back. I Love You. Nandini Leaves. Rani Comes There. She Says So You’re Behind All This? Jai Is Shocked To See Her.

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