Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th February 2021 Written Episode

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Rani Wakes Up. She Says I Won’t Give Up.. No Matter What It Takes. She Calls The New Lawyer. He Says My Answer Is No As Well. I Can’t Take This Case. Rani Says Why? My Dad Is Innocent. Please See His File Once. He Says Okay Come To Office Around 11. Rani Says I Will Reach There.

Rani Prays That Everything Goes Fine. Rajeshwari Says Pray From Me. Everything Will Happen As Per My Will. Veer Comes And Says What Will Happen Rani Sa? She Says I Have Kept Pooja Today For Rani. She Has Handled The Whole House. She Proved That No Work Is Small Or Big. May You Succeed. Some Guests Will Come As Well. Will You Be Able To Do All This? Make Your Favorite Sweets. I Will Also Try It. Will You Make It For Me? Rani Recalls Lawyer Asked Her To Come At 11. Rani Says I Have To Go To The Lawyer. Rajeshwari Says Don’t Worry I Will Speak To The Lawyer. Rani Says I Have To Go There. Veer Says Rani Let Rani Sa Talk, The Case Would Be Strong. Don’t Take The Stress. Everything Would Be Fine. Thank You Rani Sa. Rajeshwari Says You’re My Son And She’s My DIL. Rajeshwari Says Get Ready.

Rajeshwari Says Yes One Important Thing, House Keys. These Are Yours Now. This Should Have Happened Earlier. But Everything Has The Right Time. Rani Is Shocked. She Leaves. Veer Says Rani Sa Trusts You So Much. Veer Says I Have To Go To The Hospital. I Will Come Back Before The Pooja. He Leaves. Rajeshwari Says To Rani Get Ready Fast. Rani Says In Heart I Can’t Leave It On Rani Sa But Can’t Leave The Pooja Either. I Don’t Even Know How To Make Tea.

Kiara And Vikram Come Outside The Temple. Kiara Says What Is This.. Vikram Says You Did All This? A Man Says You Both Got Married Here Last Night. Our Pandit Ji Got You Married. Vikram Says I Can’t Marry You. Kiara Says You Cheater. He Says You Drank And Made Me Drink As Well. You Were Crying To Make You Rajawat DIL. She Says I Don’t Accept This Wedding Wanted Veer Not A Loser Like You. He Says As If I Want To Stay With You. He Says What Will We Do If Our Families Find Out?

Rani Comes To The Kitchen And Starts Cooking. She Doesn’t Know How To Prepare Everything. Rani Tries To Cook As Per Dadi’s Instructions. Rajeshwari Comes There. She Says When I Asked You To Make Everything Didn’t Mean You Had To Do All The Work. We Have Servants Here. You Don’t Know How To Cook. You Are The DIL Of This House. All Of This Doesn’t Suit You. All Servants Come There. Rajeshwari Says You Will Work Not Bahu Rani. Rani Says In Heart This Will Be Done Faster. Champa Says I Will Teach Her A Lesson. Rajeshwari Says In Her Heart You Won’t Be Able To Meet The Lawyer. Rajeshwari Says Start Everyone. Rani Asks Champa To Start Fast. She Says I Need To Leave At 11. Champa Ignores Her.

Champa Says I Can’t Find The Sugar. How Will Work Start Without It? Dadi Says How Will You Cook It Without Sugar? Champa Spills Everything. Rani Says What Did You Do? Champa Says Let Me Find Another Packet. Rani Says In Heart These People Are Delaying The Work. Rani Recalls What Vijay Said. She Realizes It’s All Rajeshwari’s Plan.

Rani Comes To Rajeshwari And Says Why Are You Doing All This? You Sent All The Servants To Help Me And They Aren’t Doing Anything. What Has My Dad Done To You? Rajeshwari Says Don’t Blame Your Mistake On Your Dad. You Think Poeple Like Vikram And Nandini Like You? They Enjoy You Like A Monkey Show. Vikram Isn’t Standing With You, He Likes To Go Against Me. You Saved His Life. No One Cares If You Are In This House Or Not. You Are Like Furniture. Rajmata Has Mercy On Poor People. This Is Your Relationship With Veer. He Married You For Mercy. Rani Says What Will Happen When Veer Finds Out Your Reality? She Says I Am Impressed You Know How To Talk And Not Use Your Brain. Veer Won’t Do Anything. Wanna Test? Go And Tell Veer. He Will Only Consider Truth That I Tell Him. For Veer Most Important Is Rani Sa. Not Rani. I Was Wrong Dealing You With Anger. This Fake Love Is Making My Plan Work. I Have Given Myself A Challenge, Veer Will Kick You Out Of This House. Rajeshwari Never Loses. You Are Servants Daughter And Will Always Be. I Will Clip Your Wings. Go Guests Are Coming, Make The Parsad. Rani Looks At Her Watch. Rani Says Don’t Worry Parsad Will Be Made, Pooja Will Be Done And I Will Meet The Lawyer As Well. I Am Steadfast Like You. My Dad Told Me To Never Give Up.

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