Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22nd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Rani Says I Came Here As A Daughter But Today I Came As A Wife. For Any Girl Being Daughter And Being A Wife Is The Most Important And I Will Save My Husband. I Will Bring Him Back Soon And That’s My Promise.
Everyone Is On The Table. Sanjay Says What Is Wrong With Veer? Nandini Says Now Rani’s Dad Is More Important Than This Family To Veer. Rani Says We Will Get Him Out. Nandini Says Don’t Do This Drama. Rani Says We Can Find A Solution Together. We Have Only 24 Hours. Vikram Says She’s Right. Jai Comes In And Says Rani Sa A Rajawat Is In Jail. How Did It Happen? Rani Says Don’t Do This Drama. Veer Doesn’t Like You At All. Jai Says He Was My Friend. This Is My Family. I Will Get Veer Out. Everyone Is Saying A Master Let A Maid’s Father Out And Got Arrested. Rajmata Says Enough. We Don’t Care What People Say. Rani Says We Need To Find The Cctv Footage Of The Place. Vikram Says You’re Right. He Leaves. Rajeshwari Says I Have To Get Veer Out
Veer Is Sleeping. A Man Comes There. Soemoen Comes To Meet Him. The Man Says To His Friend This Man Killed My Brother Not That Servant. I Will Punish Him Not The Court. His Friend Says Are You Sure? He’s A Big Man. He Says Yes. I Will Kill Him. I Can’t Wait For Tomorrow.
Ramo Says Birju I Am Really Worried For Rani. Ramo Gets A Call. Ramo Says Yes? Okay. He Says Birju Go And Bring These Things. Je Leaves. Rajeshwari Comes There. He Says Sorry This Place Is Dirty. Please Sit Here. She Says The Cloth You Are Cleaning For Is Dirtier Than The Cloth. I Came Here That Should Be Enough For You. He Says I Am Glad You Accepted My Daughter And Let Her Study. She Says And You Did What? Sent Veer To Jail. Ramo Says I Don’t Know How That Happened. I Don’t Know When Did He Take That Step. He Confessed The Crime. Rajeshwari Says If Police Finds A Proof Against You Will You Step Back? You Have To Help Me Get Veer Out. Ramo Says Don’t Worry. I Will Do What You Asked. She Says You Are My Most Loyal Servant. I Expected The Same From You. She Leaves. Birju Sees The Car.
Ramo Comes To The Accident Spot And Leaves His Stuff There. He Calls Vijay And Says You Will Find Clues And Proofs At The Accident Spot. Vijay Says Who Are You? He Calls Back But Phone Is Off. Vijay Calls Rani And Says I Got A Call Someone Said At The Accident Site There Are Proofs Who Did The Accident. I Am Going There. Rani Says I Will Come As Well.
The Man Looks At Veer.Vijay Comes To Rammo And Says We Got Proofs Against You. He Shows Handcuffs. Rani Also Comes In And Shows Him The Stuff. Rani Says This Is Your Stuff Right? Vijay Is This Proof Enough To Send Him Back To Jail? I Need To Show Another Thing. Then We Will Both Cry Together. She Shows His Video Of Throws Stuff There. Rani Says Birju Was Following You When You Went There. Birju Recorded All This. Vijay Says Please Tell Us The Truth. We Will Help You. Birju Says Who Came Here When I Went To The Market. Rani Says Please Tell Us Who The Real Culprit Is. He Says I Can’t Tell You Anything.
Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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