Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th April 2021 Written Full Episode

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Shobit Hugging Rajvi And Crying. He Recalls Darsh Getting Blind In The Accident. He Says If I Could Then I Would Have Given My Eyes To Him, I M Getting A Chance To Repent My Sins, Darsh And Nandini’s Alliance Shouldn’t Break, I Accept Gunjan, I Will Marry Her, I Will Meet Her But My Decision Won’t Change. She Says Tell Me If There Is Any Other Girl. He Says No. She Says Don’t Tell Darsh About This Condition, He Will Refuse For Marriage. He Says Nobody Will Know Of It. She Calls Vanlata And Says I M Coming Home With My Sons. Vanlata Rolls On The Floor And Gets Happy. She Says Gunjan Got A Relation Because Of Nandini, She Is A Devi.
Naveen Asks What Did She Say. Vanlata Says I Scolded Rajvi And Refused To Darsh’s Alliance For Nandini, Then I Told Her That I Accept Darsh And Nandini’s Alliance. Nandini Asks How Did You Say Yes Without Asking Me. Naveen Asks When Did Darsh’s Alliance Come, No One Tells Me. Vanlata Says Rajvi Came Home, Gunjan Came In Front Of Her, She Said She Wants Two Girls From Your House, She Asked Gunjan’s Hand For Shobit. Gunjan Smiles. She Recalls Telling The Condition To Gunjan And Convincing Her. Naveen Says I Don’t Understand. Bansuri Says Rajvi Came Here To Ask For Nandini’s Hand For Darsh, Maybe She Liked Nandini, Who Helped Her Few Times.
Vanlata Says Yes, Rajvi Liked Gunjan. Naveen Asks Are You Saying The Truth. She Says I Swear. Nandini Thinks How Did Rajvi Choose Gunjan For Shobit. Vanlata Says Call Rajvi And Ask Her. She Worries. Darsh Looks For Nandini’s Anklet. Rajvi Makes The Anklet Sound. He Asks Nandini Did You Come. She Says You Didn’t Know About My Coming, I Thought You Just Love Me, But Now I Have To Share It With Nandini. Rajvi Says Nandini Will Be Yours Forever. Naveen Asks Nandini Can She Spent Life With A Blind Man. Nandini Says Darsh Is Capable In Every Way, Am I Suitable For Her. Vanlata Says Don’t Think So, Rajvi Was Doing Garba, She Got The Alliance Happily. Darsh Says Nandini Won’t Be Happy, I Don’t Want A Forced Alliance, You Should Have Asked Me Once. Rajvi Says You Tell Me Your Wish, Do You Love Her Or Not. Vipul Comes To Shobit. Shobit Says Darsh Loves Nandini. Chetan Says You Like Charmy Right. Vipul Says Darsh And Nandini Should Marry, You Like Someone Else, How Can Rajvi Fix Your Alliance With Nandini’s Relative, She Can’t Decide It Always, Come With Me. Shobit Says Its Not Right. Vipul Takes Him. Shobit Says Listen To Me, Charmy And I Have A Break Up.
He Lies To Them And Says Charmy Doesn’t Respect Me, Don’t Talk To Her, I Want To Have An Arranged Marriage, Mom Asked Me To Just Meet Gunjan, Okay If I Like Her Else Cancel. Chetan Says We Can Fix Your Marriage In An Equal Family. Vipul Says Matter Isn’t About Equality, How Did Rajvi Decide This Without Talking To Us. Shobit Says Charmy And My Chapter Closed, Don’t Talk About Us. He Feels Sorry. Rajvi Says You Love Nandini, Why Are You Thinking This, You Love Her, Right. She Says Nandini Thinks You Are Perfect, She Thinks You Deserve Love. He Thinks She Is Helpless.
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