1st Epi : Pratigya 2 15th March 2021 Written Episode Full Episode

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Krishna Is In The River. Pratigya And The Kids Are On The Boat. Pratigya Says Krishna Come On The Boat Otherwise Your Son Will Jump In As Well. She Says Our Daughter Kriti Is Calm. Krishna Comes On The Boat And Says I Have Washed Away My Sins Coming Here After 12 Years. He Tells Pratigya That You Are My Ganga And I Am Your Jumna. His Son Garv Asks How Did They Meet Here? Krishna Says Our Love Story Was Famous In This City. Krishna Says Some Years Ago, Your Mom Was In The Market With Her Family, I Liked Her A Lot And Wanted To Know Her Name. I Fired The Gun And Then.. Pratigya Recalls How She Got Scared Of The Shooting That Krishna Did And Told The Security Her Name. Kriti Says Papa Didn’t Have A Gun, He Is Just Telling A Story, In Real Life No Girl Gets Impressed By A Gun. Pratigya Says Yes We Hate Men Like Them. The Family Gets Down From The Boat. Pratigya Asks Where Is Kriti? Krishna Says She Was Here Only.. They Start Looking For Her All Around. Pratigya Screams For Kriti.

It’s Evening And The Family Is Still Looking For Kriti. Kriti Screams Papa And Pratigya Finds Her Sitting On The Wheel Ride With A Goon. He Gets Down With Kriti. Kriti Runs To Her. The Goon Tells Pratigya That This Was Just A Trailer Lawyer Woman, If You Go To The Court Tomorrow Then We Will Show A Full Picture. Pratigya Slaps Him And Says Don’t Bring My Family In My Work Anymore. The Goon Is About To Slap Her But Krishna Comes There And Says How Dare You? He Starts Beating Him. Krishna Takes His Gun But Pratigya Says You Can’t Take The Law In Your Hands. You Are Not The Old Krishna, Please Stop. The Goon Runs Away From There. Krishna Puts The Gun Down.In The House, Krishna’s Mother Hugs Kriti. Krishna’s Brother Shakti Tells Him That He Should Ask His Wife To Stop This Law, She Is Bringing Enemies To Her Kids. If Happened With Your Kid Today And What If Happens With My Child Tomorrow? Krishna Says Enough, You Always Blame Pratigya’s Job For Everything Wrong. They Argue But Thakkur Sajjan Singh Comes There. He Says This Shakti Is Against My Daughter-In-Law Like The Criminal Has With Police. He Says God Gives Back To Good People But This Shakti Won’t Leave The Wrong Side. He Wants Pratigya To Leave Her Law? Garv Says Krishna Beat The Goons So Well. He Took Their Gun And The Goon Ran Away. He Knows How To Fire A Gun. Thakkur Says Garv Is My Hero. He Tells Shakti To Straighten His Act, Pratigya Had To Fight So Much To Bring Us On The Right Path But She Never Backed Down. She Has Made Us All Proud After Becoming A Lawyer. Komal Comes There And Ties The Sacred Thread To Garv, Her Mother Asks Her To Put On Kriti As Well. Shakti’s Wife Comes There With Sweets, He Scolds Her And Says You Have Destroyed My Life. Thakkur Says This Son Can Never Come On The Right Path. Sumitra Says He Is Like You. Thakkur Says I Have Changed. He Gives His Sweet To Garv As Well. Shakti Gets Angry And Says You Are Doing Nothing In Life Now And Just Going Crazy Over Garv. Thakkur Says Because I Am Proud Of Garv.

Pratigya Is In Tears. Krishna Comes To Her And Asks What Happened? Pratigya Says I Am Scared, I Was Not Scared Before But I Am A Mother Now. Krishna Says Nobody Can Do Anything With My Family And If They Do Then… Pratigya Says Then What Will You Do? Shoot Them? What Happened To You Today? You Were About To Shoot Him? I Fight For The Law And You Were Doing That? Krishna Says Don’t Be Angry, I Didn’t Shoot. Garv And Kriti Come There. Kriti Says Garv Is Not Giving My Book. Krishna Takes It From Him And Gives It To Kriti. Pratigya Says Garv Will Sleep Here Tonight. Garv Says Then How Will Komal Bua Sleep? Pratigya Says He Is Right, She Can’t Sleep Without Him. Didi Comes There And Says Pratigya Gave Garv To Komal After She Lost Her Husband And Daughter. Pratigya Says I Couldn’t Let Her Be Alone Like That. Didi Leaves. Pratigya Says I Have A False Hope That Garv Will Sleep With His Mother. Krishna Says But I Am Here To Give You Company, He Pulls Her Closer. Krishna Asks Him To Sleep.
In The Morning, All Are Having Breakfast. Thakkur Is Flirting With Sumitra. Shakti Says You People Have Become Useless. Thakkur Asks Him To Respect His Wife, Your Wife Will Be With You For Life. Komal Comes There And Asks Where Is Garv? She Asked Sumitra To Keep An Eye On Him. Thakkur Says You Are His Mother So Nothing Will Happen To Him.

Garv Comes To His Cousins But They Say We Won’t Play With You. Garv Says Please Otherwise I Will Tell Thakkur. The Cousins Say Okay Come With Us. The Cousins Lock Garv In A Car And Says We Will Play Hide And Seek.
Pratigya Comes To The Court. She Wins A Case Against A Criminal. She Smiles And Leaves The Court. The Media Asks How She Can Win Cases Like This? How Does She Get The Strength? Pratigya Says I Get Strength From My Family. The Media Says You Married In A Mafia Family So What If Someone From Your Family Goes Back In The Crime World Again? Pratigya Says I Will Always Fight For Justice And Law.

Garv Is Locked In A Van And It Starts Going Down The Hill. Garv Cries And Screams For Help.
Krishna Comes To Komal And Asks Why She Is Worried? Komal Says Garv Didn’t Take Aarti And Left The House But No One Cared. Krishna Says Don’t Worry, I Will Go And Look For Him.The Van Is Nearing The Cliff. His Cousins Are Smirking. A Kid Is Playing Near The Cliff. Garv’s Van Hit The Kid And He Falls From The Cliff.

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